A Course of Instruction in Zootomy (vertebrata.)

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Macmillan, 1893 - Anatomy, Comparative - 397 pages
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Page 111 - 1 , ef.br.*), one from each arch. After receiving the last efferent artery the epibranchial trunk passes inwards and backwards, and unites with its fellow of the opposite side to form the dorsal aorta, but just before doing so, it gives off a subclavian artery
Page 157 - end it is formed by the union of the cystic duct from the gall-bladder and the hepatic duct from the liver itself. In the male :— 166. The testes (Figs. 40 and 41,
Page 343 - two heads unite, and are inserted by a strong and extensive fascia into the distal end of the femur and proximal end of the tibia. Cut through both heads and reflect : it will be seen that the posterior head has a second origin in the form of a flat tendon arising in common with the semi-membranosus ( 442) from the anterior end of the tuber ischii. 442. The semi-membranosus
Page 267 - anterior to the larynx (see 124, 125, p. 289), and always detached in the prepared skull : it consists of a stout thick body, or basi-hyal, a pair of small anterior cornua, or cerato-hyals, and a pair of long,
Page 46 - ultramarine of the oil shops : fill up the tumbler with water, stir well and immediately strain the liquid through coarse muslin into a second tumbler. Fill the syringe, and inject through all four
Page 170 - infundibulum : mo, medulla oblongata : oc, optic chiasma : ol, optic lobes : olf, olfactory lobes : ot, optic tracts : ov, aperture between aqueduct of Sylvius and optic ventricle : pc, posterior commissure : pn, pineal body : ply, pituitary body : v., third ventricle
Page 284 - pass a cannula through the incision in the left ventricle into the aorta, tighten the ligature and knot it firmly. By this operation
Page 357 - is dissected down to the level of the corpus callosum : on the right side the lateral ventricle is exposed. In B the cerebral hemispheres are dissected down to
Page 10 - is not at right angles to the long axis of the body, but is inclined from the surface, inwards and forwards. The muscular fibres of which they are composed are longitudinal, ie at right angles to the general direction of the myotomes themselves.
Page 303 - nat. size). The kidneys and proximal ends of the ureters, and in B the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uteri, are not shown. an, anus : bl, urinary bladder: cc, corpus cavernosum : cs, corpus spongiosum

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