A court in exile: Charles Edward Stuart and the romance of the Countess d'Albanie, Volume 2

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Hutchinson & Co., 1903 - Biography & Autobiography
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Page 648 - Sublime specchio di veraci detti, mostrami in corpo e in anima qual sono: capelli, or radi in fronte, e rossi pretti; lunga statura, e capo a terra prono; sottil persona in su due stinchi schietti; bianca pelle, occhi azzurri, aspetto buono; giusto naso, bel...
Page 376 - His complexion is of the fair tint, his eyes blue, his hair light brown, and the contour of his face a long oval; he is by no means thin, has a noble person, and a graceful manner.
Page 648 - Or duro, acerbo; ora pieghevol, mite: Irato sempre, e non maligno mai: La mente e il cor meco in perpetua lite: Per lo pił mesto, e talor lieto assai : Or stimandomi Achille ed or Tersite. Uom, se
Page 376 - His dress was scarlet, laced with broad gold lace ; he wears the blue riband outside of his coat, from which depends a cameo, antique, as large as the palm of my hand ; and he wears the same garter and motto as those of the noble order of St. George in England. Upon the whole, he has a melancholy, mortified appearance.
Page 369 - I cannot answer for his cleverness, for he appeared to me to be absorbed in melancholy thoughts, a good deal of distraction in his conversation and frequent brown studies. I had time to examine him, for he kept me near two hours. He has all the reason in the world to be melancholy, for there is not a soul goes near him, not knowing what to call him. He told me time lay heavy upon him. I said I supposed he read a good deal. He made no answer.
Page 345 - ... have been his companion in the lowest degree of adversity that ever prince was reduced to, so I have beheld him too, as it were, on the highest pinnacle of glory, amidst the continual applauses, and I had almost said, adorations of the most brilliant court in Europe ; yet he was always the same, ever affable and courteous, giving constant proofs of his great humanity, and of his love for his friends and his country.
Page 318 - June 13. 1747. I KNOW not whether you will be surprised, my dearest Carluccio, when I tell you that your brother will be made a Cardinal the first day of next month. Naturally speaking, you should have been consulted about a resolution of that kind before it had been executed...
Page 391 - Princess the next morning, had a conference with her for an hour, and made her a present of a gold snuff-box set with diamonds of great value. But what shall I tell you ? The outside, beautiful as it was, was nothing in comparison of the beauty within. Oh! my dear Lord! it contained an order upon his banker to pay her down 40,000 Roman crowns . . . What think you of this affair ? She is pretty and young, he strong and vigorous.
Page 374 - Not a blot, nor so much as a pimple was in his face, though maliciously given out by some as if it were all over blotted ; but he is jolly and plump, tho' not to excess, being still agile and fit for undergoing toil.
Page 344 - I then, ready to seal my loyalty with my blood. As soon therefore as the royal youth had set up the king his father's standard, I immediately, as in duty bound, repaired to it ; and as I had the honour, from that time, to be almost constantly about his person till November 1740, (excepting the short time after the affair of Cu)|odeu, that his royal highness was in the Western Isles) I became more and more captivated...

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