A decennial of Stanford song, 1895-1905

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M. H. Thorpe
H.W. Simkins, 1905 - Education - 174 pages

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Page 104 - I had no more a notion of what it was to be the son of a son of a son ... of a son of a conquistador than the Man in the Moon.
Page iii - When the moonlight-bathed arcade Stands in evening calms, When the light wind half afraid Whispers in the palms, Far off swelling, failing, Student voices glad are hailing Thee, our Alma Mater.
Page 67 - mid turmoil and strife, So painfully different from calm college scenes. The worried alumnus in the struggle of life is painfully counting the dimes in his jeans. Chorus. One, two, three, four — How can I get any more? Ein, zwei, drei. vier — I'll starve on this, that's clear. Yett, nee, sam, see — Things aren't what they used to be: Once I was it, but now I am nit — One, two. three. Bingo. Here's to...
Page iii - Tender vistas ever new Through the arches meet the eyes, Where the red roofs rim the blue Of the sun-steeped skies Flecked with cloudlets sailing; Here we raise our voices, hailing Thee, our Alma Mater.
Page 130 - 91. Dear Maid of mine, do you recall When first my heart you won, There were no lights in Roble Hall, But oh, such loads of fun? The days of dark, the days of spark, The days of '91. Dear Major Prof, do you recall The night, at set of sun, We met when each had made his haul Where vineyard pathways run? The days of scrapes, the days of grapes, The days of '91. Dear Pioneers, today, when all The four years...
Page 107 - Varsity" from our coffins when we're dead; And when we mount the golden stairs we'll give St. Peter the cue To join the rollicking chorus, "To hell with the Gold and Blue.
Page 130 - EAR chum of mine, do you recall, When college had begun, The gladness of that glorious fall, And how we spent the "mon " ? The days of cheer, the days of beer, The days of '91. Dear maid of mine, do you recall, When first my heart you won, There were no lights in Roble Hall, But, oh, such loads of fun? The days of dark, the days of spark, The days of '91.
Page 136 - ... several California newspapers. Two stanzas follow: As long as sunlit roofs of red O'erhang thy long arcades; As long as blue skies overhead Span all thy colonnades; Thy court with winter's sun aflame, Or filled with summer's haze, So long, O Stanford ! will thy name Call forth our songs of praise. As long as speech can tribute pay, Or streams to ocean run, Or love in human hearts hold sway, Or shadows own their sun; As long as youth will dream of fame, Or nights dream of the days, So long, O...
Page 63 - One, two, three. Down by the cactus so silent and still, The Junior has come to the question at last. And love him? The maiden has promised she will, Until the long fever called living is past.' Chorus. One, two. three, four — What could a Junior ask more? Ein, zwei, drei, vier — But will it last a year? Yett, nee, sam, see — Next week they'll both disagree And on the Quad, they'll coldly nod — One, two, three. Up in the hall where the student lamp burns. The Senior is working from seven...
Page 62 - I'll roam Away from home — One, two, three. Down in a tavern, forbidden by some. The Sophomore blows from his tankard the foam. And toasts all the glories of Golden...

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