A demonstration of the existence, wisdom and omnipotence of God, by the archbishop of Cambray author of Telemachus; and tr. by the same hand that English'd that excellent piece [A. Boyer.].

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Page 130 - He carries within him wherewithal to astonish, and infiniteJjr to surpass himself : since his ideas are universal, eternal, and immutable. They are universal :' for 'when I say, it is impossible to be and not to be ; the whole is bigger than a part of it ; a line perfectly circular has no straight parts ; between two points given, the straight line is the shortest ; the centre of a perfect circle is equally distant from all the points of the circumference ; an equilateral triangle has no obtuse,...
Page 78 - Through heaven, and earth, and ocean's depth, he throws His influence round, and kindles as he goes. Hence flocks, and herds, and men, and beasts, and fowls, With breath are quickened, and attract their souls ; Hence take the forms his prescience did ordain, And into him at length resolve again.
Page 160 - Another mystery that I bear within me, and that renders me incomprehensible to myself, is, that on the one hand I am free, and on the other, dependent. I must be dependent. Independence is the supreme perfection. The Creator must be the cause of all the modifications of his creation. The being who is dependent for his nature, must be so for all its operations. Thus God is the real cause of all the combinations and movements of everything in the universe.
Page 144 - ... corrects him in spite of himself. In all things we find, as it were, two principles within us.
Page 169 - I modify my felf with him ; and am with him a real Caufe of my own Will. My Will is fo much my own, that I am only to blame, if I do not Will what I ought. When I will a Thing...
Page 229 - A Prayer to God O my God, if so many men do not discover Thee in this great spectacle Thou givest them of all nature, it is not because Thou art far from any of us. Every one of us feels Thee, as it were, with his hand; but the senses, and the passions they raise, take up all the attention of our minds. Thus, O Lord, Thy light shines in darkness; but darkness is so thick and gloomy thatit does not admit the beams of Thy light.
Page 126 - ... are two wonders equally incomprehensible. The first, that my brain is a kind of book that contains a number almost infinite of images and characters ranged in an order I did not contrive, and of which chance could not be the author. For I never had the least thought either of writing anything in my brain, or to place in any order the images and characters I imprinted in it.
Page 154 - Atom: It muft have a Figure, Length, Breadth, and Depth ; a Top and a Bottom ; a Left and a Right Side ; And again, the Top is not the Bottom, nor one Side, the Other. Therefore this Atom is not truly One ; for it confifts of Parts.
Page 126 - Brain. HERE therefore are two wonders equally incomprehensible. The first, that my brain is a kind of book, that contains a number almost infinite of images, and characters ranged in an order I did not contrive, and of which Chance could not be the au, thor.

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