A description of the cathedral church of Ely

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Luke Hansard and Sons, 1808 - 9 pages

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Page 75 - ... the two side lights, figures of the Four Evangelists. Each compartment was to have had appropriate decorations. This agreement was made not long before bishop Mawson's death. He had advanced a considerable sum of money, and sufficiently provided, by his will, for the rest. The artist was unable to fulfil his contract. The figure of St. Peter, and some of the arms, were finished, and are put up. The heads only of St. Paul and St. Etheldreda were completed, which are in two windows in a room at...
Page 62 - It is not equilateral. There are four longer, and four shorter sides, alternate, and respectively equal. The longer are to the shorter as ten to six. In fact, it is a square with its corners cut nit'.
Page 11 - Religion agreed upon by the archbishops and bishops of both provinces, and the whole clergy in the convocation holden at London in the year of our Lord...
Page 36 - Quia lucerna pedibus nostris est verbum Dei, statuimus et volumus ut decanus et canonici nostri, imo per misericordiam Dei obsecramus, ut in verbo Dei opportune et importune seminando sint seduli, cum alias, turn praecipue in ecclesia nostra cathedrali.
Page 96 - Decanus, aut eo absente Vicedecanus, (pro suo arbitrio et prudentia) eligat et admittat in pincernam et subpincernam...
Page 132 - Inhibemus tamen visitatori et statutorum declaratori aliisque omnibus cujuscunque dignitatis aut authoritatis fuerint ne ulla nova statuta condant aut cum aliquo dispensent: inhibemus etiam decano et canonicis ecclesiae nostrae ne hujusmodi statuta recipiant sub pcena perjurii et amotionis perpetuae ab ecclesia nostra.
Page 90 - Capitulum praescribendum duxerint, diligenter et fideliter obsecundent. Quod si desidiosi, aut negligentes, aut minus ad docendum apti inveniantur, post trinam monitionem a Decano et Capitulo amoveantur, et ab officio deponantur. Omnia autem ad functionem suam spectantia se fideliter praestituros juramento promittent.
Page 20 - Cathedral, whose system we adopt, " their churches were ever higher than one tier of arches and a range of windows above (as at Ely), may be questioned. Richard, prior of Hcxham, speaks of three stories, which implies another tier of arches ; but if he is rightly so understood, this seems an exception from a general rule, for the church at Hexham is spoken of by all writers who mention it, as the glory of Saxon churches in the seventh century.
Page 78 - The retro-choir was once filled with the monuments of bishops, priors, and deans ; all these have been removed except two, that of Bishop Gray, a flat stone (a part only of a noble monument), under the arch leading into the north aisle, and that of Cardinal de Luxemburg, Archbishop of Rouen, and perpetual administrator of the diocese of Ely, which is on the south side of the altar, concealed by the screen ; its decayed and ruined condition is said to have prevented its removal ; it had also been...
Page 88 - Atque hie conscientiam informatorum oneramus, ut quantam maximam potuerint operam ac diligentiam adhibeant, quo pueri omnes in literis progrediantur et proficiant, et ne quem puerum tarditatis vitio insigniter notatum inter caeteros diutius inutiliter haerere sinant, quin illius nomen statim Decano deferant, ut eo amoto ad illius locum aptior per Decanum et Capitulum, aut eo absente Vicedecanum et Capitulum, eligatur.

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