A description of the seige of Basing castle. Re-pr. [with a note by W. Money].

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Page 23 - come for brick or stone shall freely have the same for his pains." Only one woman was killed during the storm, the daughter of Dr. Griffiths, who "by her railing against the soldiers for their rough carriage towards her father provoked them into a further passion.
Page 22 - counsel) grew to be common pillage among the rest, and the fellow had but one half-crown left for himself at last." " The wheat and the household stuff " they sold to the country people, who "loaded away many carts." Owing to neglect "in quenching a fire-ball" the entire house was soon in flames, which left "nothing but bare walls and chimneys in less than 20 hours ;
Page 22 - One soldier got 120 gold pieces for his share, others plate, others jewels. Among the rest, one got 3 bags of silver, which (he not being able to keep his
Page 22 - lined with musqueteers," and the discovery by the Marquis of a correspondence " for the surprise of the house," between the Parliamentary General Waller and his own brother Lord Edward Faulet, the time arrived for the downfall of Basing. In September, 1645, after Fairfax had taken Bristol, Cromwell was
Page 23 - pulpits the Sunday following, and a thanksgiving offered. Peters had 200 a year settled on him. Among the prisoners were—besides the Marquis himself, whose life was saved by Colonel Hammond, the Parliamentary officer carried prisoner to Basing a day or two before the storm,
Page 4 - now added, to be fortified, and some time after upon report of a puissant army under command of Sir William Waller to be appointed for the taking of it in, Colonell Rawdon with the rest of his regiment (being about one hundred and fifty more) is commanded thither. The Lord
Page 3 - BASING Castle, the seat and mansion of the Marquisse of Winchester, stands on -a rising ground, having its forme circular, encompassed with a brick rampart lyned with earth, and a very deep trench, but dry. The loftie Gate-house with foure turrets looking northwards, on the right whereof without the
Page 13 - commission I keep the place, and without His absolute command shall not deliver it to any pretenders whatsoever. I am, yours to serve you, Basing, 2 Sept. WINCHESTER. This answer sent : From their new Battery by the Towne in
Page 23 - the very same as King Charles gave upon his coronation money when he came to the Crown.
Page 7 - to demand Basing House to be delivered to me for the use of King and Parliament; if this be refused, the ensuing inconvenience will rest upon your

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