A Descriptive List of the Deer-parks and Paddocks of England

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Ballantyne, Hanson, 1892 - Deer - 204 pages
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Page 7 - Brackmore, from Stoke Wake to Melcombe Park and the Grange Wood westward, the number being merely a question of preservation or non-preservation.
Page 177 - And althoughe our county is graced wth so many pleasant prospectes, as scarce any shyre the lyke, in so muche as allmost eavery littell hyll largely affourdethe the same, yet aspyringe Hambury obtaygninge the principality, overlookethe them all. A stately seate meete for a kinges pallace, and had it but the comodity of our Severne myght compare with that of Wyndesore. Neyther wanted theare for recreation of our kynges a fayre parke, wch...
Page 177 - Parke, sortinge in name with the kynges vast forrest reachinge in former ages far and wyde. A large walke for savage beastes, but nowe more comodyously changed to the civil habitations of many gentellmen, the freehouldes of wealthy yeomen, and dwellinges of industryous husbandmen. Gratus opus a9ricolis.
Page 8 - Essex, where they were liberated in Epping Forest to restock the glades in which their species had formerly roamed, but where they had long been extinct.
Page 157 - Brightling is situated on an elevated portion of the forest ridge, and is one of the most romantic and picturesque spots in East Sussex.
Page 58 - Esq.). — 180 ac , 100 fallow deer (all black). Fine old oaks (between four and five hundred years old), limes, elms, and beeches. Eighty acres fern ; four acres of ornamental water and a brook intersect the park, forming the boundary between Greenstead and Wyvenhoe parishes. LANGLEYS PARK (JJ Tufnell, Esq.).
Page 208 - This capital invention is a gun that can be altered by a twist here, and a screw there, to any variety of shape in regard to cast-off, slope of stock, bend, and so forth. As a natural result, a shooter can blaze away with this article...
Page 208 - No more force is, we find, required to open the gun and eject the cases than is the case with a non-ejector. We consider the mechanism exceedingly simple and effective, and very secure from the chances of rusting from wet or from fouling.
Page 208 - I nm acquainted with is Mr. HOLLAND'S, of 98 New Bond Street, who, by the way. can build and fit a gun as well as any maker can, and second to none." — Sir R. PAVNE GALLWEY, Bart., " Letters to Young Shooters,
Page 6 - James l., to improve those already in the parks, but Mr. Harting has shown clearly that this variety existed in English parks long before James's day.* Equally erroneous is the statement that the spotted variety, known formerly as Menil, was brought from Manilla.

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