A descriptive road-book of France

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Page 4 - French. 1 Un . 2 Deux 3 Trois 4 Quatre 5 Cinq . 6 Six 7 Sept 8 Huit 9 Neuf 10 Dix 11 Onze 12 Douze 13
Page 404 - situated on the right bank of the Loire, at the confluence of the Erdre and the Sevre. It is one of the richest and most commercial towns in France. The streets and places are well laid out, and adorned with some
Page 106 - antique taurobole in good preservation ; and under the vestibule, the table of bronze, on which is engraven the harangue delivered by the Emperor Claudius to the Roman Senate in favour of the City of Lyons. The
Page 53 - The Cathedral, built by the English during the regency of the Duke of Bedford, is the most perfect specimen of Gothic architecture in France. The interior is adorned by 126 beautiful pillars, 44 of which are detached. Those placed round the choir and against the walls, which separate the chapels from that part of the Church, when struck, sound like a bell:
Page 51 - the sceptre and sword of Charlemagne, the portrait and sword of the Maid of Orleans, the bronze chair of Dagobert, and an immense number of reliques and curiosities disappeared. The royal dead were torn from
Page 4 - 35 Trente-cinq 36 Trente-six . 37 Trente-sept 38 Trente-huit 39 Trente-neuf 40 Quarante . . 41 Quarante-et-un . 42 Quarante-deux . 43 Quarante-trois . 44 Quarante-quatre 45 Quarante-cinq . 46
Page 7 - to whom he may be known ; the passport will then be granted on the following day, free of expense. The office is open from eleven to three. All foreigners wishing to visit the Netherlands, except the subjects of that kingdom, must produce at the office a passport from the ambassador, or minister, or consul of their respective countries,
Page 292 - The house is neat, and some of the actors far above mediocrity. The performance commences at half-past five, and is usually over at nine. The prices of admission are, amphitheatre and boxes, 2 francs ; pit 13 sous. In the Faubourg

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