A Dictionary in Assamese and English

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American Baptist Mission Press, 1867 - Assamese language - 609 pages
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Page iii - There is hardly a language which in one sense may not be called a mixed language. No nation or tribe was ever so completely isolated as not to admit the importation 'of a certain number of foreign words. In some instances these imported words have changed the whole native aspect of the language, and have even acquired a majority over the native element.
Page iii - Assamese is the language usually spoken by the entire population of the Brahmaputra Valley, and in most cases it is the only medium of intercourse with the bordering Hill Tribes. There is nothing to show that the Assamese race and their language have not existed in this Valley from time immemorial; and it is surprising that, during the change of rulers, the oppression and misrule to which they have been subjected, there are so few traces of any material change in their language.
Page v - I am aware that this first edition, like all other first attempts of the kind, must be left more or less imperfect. No word however has been allowed to pass without careful examination; and when doubts have existed, the oldest and best informed of the people have been consulted.
Page 63 - The statues represent male figures draped with a shawl-like cloth worn on the left shoulder and under the right arm so as to leave the right arm free which recalls the upaveta mode peculiar to India discovered during the later vedic age.
Page iv - Many of these words haw been written at they dropped from the lips of the people, While I have thus endeavored to give the spoken language, I have also inserted the more common Sanscrit words that are used in the Puthis, and therefore known to the people. These words are also used in our School Books, and Scripture Translations, But it should be borne in mind that they are often used in Assamese, with a modified meaning, and a different pronunciation. A few words are used with a slight difference...
Page 26 - America ; especially when unaccented, as in the word ^T^Tl" atai, all. It never has the broad sound of a in hall, so common in Bengali. except what is produced by accent; to which the Sanskrit distinction of long and short, denoted by the two characters...
Page v - The system of Orthography adopted in this work, is that ofJodurcim Burua, a learned Assamese Pundit, which it is believed much better corresponds with the actual pronunciation of the people than any other system met with.
Page iii - Valley from time immemorial ; and it is surprising that, during the change of ruler?, the oppression and misrule to which they have been subjected, there are so few traces of any material change in their language. The Ahoms, a branch of the great Shan or Tai race, conquered Assam at an early period, and governed it for many hundred years, until it passed into the hands of the present Government; but scarcely a trace of their language is found in the present dialect of the Assamese.
Page 321 - E, according to the initial letter of the word to which it is prefixed ; s. water. ^, a. fatsfsi, C^C^TsT?, *J»TT) ^^ ^^^> untinged, unstained, pure. f, a. Jftfl, 'srftc^lf, without interval, incessant. if, s. '5T»fTi*r fJR» fJ^CWTTj innocence, freedom from fault, a.
Page 301 - Sankranti is the name given to the first day of the solar month ; that is to say, to the day on which the sun passes from one sign of the Zodiac to another.

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