A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, Volume 1

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Homœopathic Publishing Company, 1900 - Homeopathy

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Page 605 - ... to his bed. When I first saw him he was obliged to lie down, respiration was labored and irregular and the heart's action was greatly exaggerated and erratic. There was decided precordial bulging, the apex beat was considerably displaced, downward and to the left and the whole cardiac dullness was greatly extended, the impulse was heaving in character with considerable mitral systolic blowing and the corresponding diastolic intensification, there were also signs of considerable pulmonary engorgement...
Page 270 - ... began as a slight pimple, with burning pain in the skin, increasing until, in six days' time, it was very large, of a dark, fiery, purple color, and very sore, burning and aching pain in it; accompanied with headache extending from occiput to sinciput, of a cold, aching character; brain as though contracted in frontal region, dizziness, etc.
Page 308 - Cough with sudden paroxysms of suffocation on swallowing ; respiration very short ; obliged to catch for breath.
Page 332 - Lame sensation in carpel bones of left wrist. Arms feel like soaked wood hanging to him. Arms feel so heavy takes all the will power to raise them. Arms feel as if they would tremble if...
Page 664 - The stomach symptoms (from portal engorgement) are nausea and vomiting ; the mere sight or smell of food excites violent nausea, with clean tongue, thirst for water, absence of fever ; the complaints may come either from excessive venery or from high living. In old men there are : enlarged prostate ; impotence ; lascivious thoughts.
Page 314 - Irascibility and passion. — Want of memory. — Momentary absence of mind. — Giddiness. — Desire for things which are rejected when obtained. — Delirium (at night) and ravings about the transactions of the day. — Unconsciousness. 2. Head. — Confusion, giddiness, and cloudiness of the head. — Giddiness, with sensation of looseness in the brain when stooping, and when raising up the head. — Staggering and drunkenness, as if from congestion of the head. — Staggering backward. — Tendency...
Page 281 - A gentleman of 52 complained of rheumatic pains in his legs and loss of walking power. After he had walked a short distance he was compelled to stop from a feeling of intense weariness, heaviness, lameness, and stiffness of the legs, which felt sore as if bruised.
Page 775 - Hiccough once when respiration compressed the stomach, repeated some time after (seventeenth day). — At 9.30 PM, sitting at table bent forward reading, most intense heartburn, with rising so irritating it made me cough and hem for some time; irritation in throat and behind left of mid-steruuni.
Page 151 - Faintly defined nausea in throat and stomach, and sensation in intestines as if diarrhoea would set in. At 3.15 p. M. went to closet, expecting, from my feelings, a loose stool. Evacuation was soft, yellow, about a teaspoonful in quantity, and expelled with great difficulty. Mucous membrane of rectum came down like a tumor. (Have had haemorrhoids.) After stool, and while sitting on the
Page 345 - Face. — Yellow colour of the face. — Face pale and hollow, with eyes sunk and surrounded by a livid circle. — Red patches on the cheeks. — Heat, redness, and puffing of the face. — Erysipelas in one cheek. — Ephelis on the cheeks. — Itching and eruption on the face, chiefly on the forehead, in the cheeks, and in the region of the whiskers, sometimes humid and scabby, with burning heat (sycosis menti).

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