A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, Volume 1

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Homœopathic Publishing Company, 1900 - Homeopathy

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A fantastic resource especially as a PDF download and mobile Android viewable book using the Google Book applications. I came across this book looking for a citeable resource for the definition of Allyl Sulphocarbamide, an active ingredient of a product in my pharmaceutical portfolio.
Be sure to carry a copy of "The America Illustrated Medical Dictionary", "Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds" and "A Practical Medical Dictionary".

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Page 151 - Faintly defined nausea in throat and stomach, and sensation in intestines as if diarrhoea would set in. At 3.15 p. M. went to closet, expecting, from my feelings, a loose stool. Evacuation was soft, yellow, about a teaspoonful in quantity, and expelled with great difficulty. Mucous membrane of rectum came down like a tumor. (Have had haemorrhoids.) After stool, and while sitting on the
Page 270 - ... it was very large, of a dark fiery purple colour, and very sore, burning and aching pain in it ; accompanied with headache, extending from occiput to sinciput, of a cold, aching character ; brain as though contracted in frontal region ; dizziness, &c.
Page 792 - Stomach. — Stomach acts with more rapidity, and the hour of repast is more impatiently looked for. — The act of digestion is no longer accompanied by flushings of the face, fulness, weight in epigastric region and fits of heat towards head. 12. Abdomen. — Flatulency diminished and then disappears. 13. Stool. — Obstinate constipation. 17. Respiratory Organs. — Sense of suffocation, esp.
Page 246 - I. groin swollen ; painful on walking. 13. Stool and Anus. — Frequent small, thin, dark, offensive, and acrid stools. — Very fetid, exhausting diarrhoea ; excoriating. — Stool papescent, with large quantities of mucus ; no pain. — Dark-brown mucous and bloody stools, with tenesmus and typhoid tendency. — Dysentery : rigors, pains in limbs and small of back ; stools small, all blood, not very dark but thick ; tenesmus ; great prostration, brown tongue, low fever ; in autumn or in hot weather,...
Page 10 - Constriction and burning from mouth to stomach. — Every attempt to swallow followed by spasms like hydrophobia but not renewed by sight of water. — Difficulty of swallowing and a pain in back of neck and behind jaws in parotid region, so that in eating he had to press back of neck with hand (M). — Burning in gullet as if a hot coal were there (M). 11. Stomach. — Eructations immediately. — Severe vomiting, which recurred every two or three minutes and was performed by a sudden, jerking action...
Page 178 - Arsen. has a great place in acute coryza and hay-fever. The fluent coryza is corrosive, reddening the upper lip, and has more burning than either Merc, or Cepa. Also it is < out of doors, and > in warmth, which distinguishes it from Cepa especially. Arsenic is predominantly right-sided. The neuralgias affect the right side most ; the right lung (" acute, sharp, fixed or darting pain in apex and through upper third of right lung ") is more affected than the left ; also the right side of the abdomen,...
Page 674 - Paronyehia. 23. Lower Limbs. — Hard, dull, or tearing pains in the hip. — Pain in r. leg from point of exit of sciatic nerve, felt only when moving the limb, or when sitting up. — Knees lame, weak, and painful ; trembling. — Hard, dull, or sharp pains in leg. — Ankles weak and painful.
Page 145 - ... many dreams. — Dreams full of care and toil ; of making long journeys ; of flying through the air ; of hot stones ; of walking over hot floors ; of walking a long way over wet roads. — Sleep, late in the morning. — Awakens from sleep with a shrill shriek (child suffering from hydrocephalus). light grade.— The sensation of heat is more felt about the pit of the stomach and in the chest. — Perspiration, alternating with dryness of the skin. — Much burning of the skin on various parts...
Page 605 - ... was greatly extended ; the impulse was heaving in character, with considerable mitral systolic blowing and the corresponding diastolic intensification ; there were also signs of considerable pulmonary engorgement and some pain in the chest region. The patient was put into a warm bath for twenty minutes, and then carefully returned to bed. Aconite 3x was administered every half-hour, and continued hourly for a day or two afterward until he was somewhat relieved.
Page 519 - Pain in recti muscles of thighs, with oppression of the chest, shortness of breath, and frequent, deep inspiration, with a sensation as if he would creep into himself, and on that account could not sufficiently crouch together...

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