A Dictionary of the First, Or Oldest Words in the English Language: From the Semi-Saxon Period of A.D.1250 to 1300 : Consisting of an Alphabetical Inventory of Every Word Found in the Printed English Literature of the 13th Century

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J. C. Hotten, 1862 - English language - 102 pages
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Page iii - An invaluable work to historical students and those interested In linguistic pursuits. '' The present publication may be considered as the foundation-stone of the Historical and Literary Portion" of the great ENGLISH DICTIONARY now in preparation by the Philological Society. " Explanatory and etymological matter has been added, which, it is hoped, may render the work more generally interesting and useful than could otherwise have been the case.'* John Camden Hotten, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, W.
Page v - Fragment on Popular Science from the Early English Metrical Lives of Saints, in 'Popular Treatises on Science,' ed. Wright. By Mr. H. Coleridge. *Kyng Alysaunder, In Weber's Metrical Romances, vol. i. By Mr. H. Coleridge. •Life of St. Margaret, and Creed of St. Athanasius. Hickes's Thes. part i. pp. 224, 233. By Mr. Furnivall.
Page 36 - godne.' K. Horn, 753 ей. 19 В. 'to do good' adv. — will. Alys. 6267 Goods, sb. [god]. RG. 495 Goodman, sb. = husband = a good man. RG. 257 Goodness, sb. RG. 434, 436 Goose, sb. HD. 702 Gore, sb. = a narrow slip let into a woman's dress, hence the dress itself, as in the phrase 'geynest under gore.
Page vi - The second occurs in page 100, where ten lines are dropped, and 1961 is printed for 1973, the true number. The third will be found in page 110, where 2049 is made to succeed 2139, and after this, of course, the confusion is hopeless. The exact number of lines in the poem is 2515, while the printed numbers give only 2398. Readers are therefore requested to renumber their copies from page 64 onwards, before attempting to verify the references in the Glossary.) The following pieces will be printed in...
Page iii - Dictionary of the Oldest Words in the English Language, from the Semi-Saxon Period of AD 1250 to 1300 ; consisting of an Alphabetical Inventory of Every Word found in the Printed English Literature of the 13th Century, by the late HERBERT COLERIDGE, Secretary to the Philological Society.
Page v - Coleridge.) (NB The text of this poem in the second vol. of Eitson's Metrical Eomances is taken from a later MS., and differs considerably from the Bannatyne text.) Kyng Alysaunder. In Weber's Metrical Eomances, vol. I. (By Mr H. Coleridge.) The Land of Cokaygne. In Hickes's Thesaurus, vol. I. p. 231. (By Mr Furnivall.) The Life of St Margaret (cited by stanzas), I ĦQ ffickes>a Thesaurus vol I Metrical Version of the Athanasian Creed, J pp.
Page v - Mr. Harrison. •Dialogue between the Soul and Body. Appendix to Mapes's Poems (Camden Society), p. 334. By the Rev. J. Eastwood. •Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle, 1297-1300. Ed. Hearne. By Mr. H. Coleridge. •Proverbs of Hendyng and other pieces in the Reliquiae Antiqux.

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