A Digest of External Therapeutics: With Numerous Formulae Arranged for Reference

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Boericke & Runyon, 1900 - Homeopathy - 754 pages

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Page 57 - The gradual subsidence of the three cardinal symptons — pulse rate, pain and temperature — is a legitimate reason for postponing immediate operative interference. 5. In cases of abscess it is generally safer, while watching for urgent indications, to wait until adhesions have formed a sufficiently protective wall. 6. In cases of recovery after mild attacks and without operation we are never sure of recurrence...
Page 68 - Tear the paper in pieces and soak it in water, then add the powders previously mixed, and pound and beat them all together. Then spread out the soft paste in tin moulds, and dry it in a stove. Finally, cut this quantity into thirty-six pieces, each 6 cm.
Page 652 - All linen and bed-clothing used by the patient should be soaked in a 1:20 carbolic acid solution and subsequently boiled for fully two hours. 9. Disinfection of the stools should be begun as soon as the diagnosis of enteric fever is established, and should be continued for ten days after the temperature has remained at the normal. 10. In localities where a proper drainage system is lacking, the stools should either be mixed with sawdust and cremated, or buried in a trench four feet deep after being...
Page 633 - It was found that from four to seven minims of a 2i per cent, solution of pure silver nitrate answered the purpose best The local visible effects of the injections show themselves in nodular, sometimes in diffuse, swelling and in redness and pain. The number of injections necessary depends on circumstances. As a rule it is a good plan to begin by one injection on the side of the neck on which the affected lung is situated. In a week or ten days this is to be repeated and in urgent cases it may be...
Page 272 - It acts as a palliative measure in certain cases of fibroid tumor or inoperable carcinoma associated with haemorrhages. 2. As a caustic it can be relied on to destroy the mucous lining of the uterus, even to the extent of obliterating the uterine canal. 3. As a bactericide it may be used in cases of gonorrhreal and septic puerperal endometritis.
Page 57 - ... a prime indication for operation. 2. Pain localized and progressive, is a valuable associated condition. When pain is sudden, severe and progressive and accompanied with chill, it means perforation or abscess rupture and immediate operation. 3. Increase of temperature is third in importance, but when associated with one or more of the previous symptoms, and more especially with increase of pulse rate, it makes immediate operation a foregone conclusion. 4. The gradual subsidence of the three cardinal...
Page 633 - In a week or ten days this is to be repeated, unless the original or previous injection is followed by too much irritation. In urgent cases due to excessive coughing I have repeated the injections in three or four days. As a rule, it seems best to concentrate the injections on the affected side, and to give an occasional one on the opposite side.
Page 651 - ... chlorinated lime. 2. Owing to the possibility of injury to plumbing, the carbolic acid solution is preferable wherever plumbing is concerned. The lime is best for country use in privies and trenches. 3. The disinfectant should be thoroughly mixed with the stool and left in contact with it for fully two hours.
Page 272 - As a bactericide it may be used in cases of gonorrheal and septic puerperal endometritis. Fenomenow has repeatedly had the uterus (which was subjected to vaporization and later removed by hysterectomy) examined bacteriologically and proved it to be sterile. 4. To reduce the bulk of the subinvoluted uterus, Pincus has frequently resorted to intrauterine vaporization with success. 5. In Chronic Suppurating Fistulous Tracts. — Fenomenow has reported successful results in cases of abdominal fistulae...
Page 196 - ... units for the first injection, to be repeated in from eighteen to twenty-four hours if there is no improvement ; a third dose after a similar interval if necessary. For severe cases in children under two years and for mild cases over that age the initial dose should be 1,000 units, to be repeated as above if necessary ; a second dose is not usually required.

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