A discourse concerning the unity of the Catholick Church maintained in the Church of England

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Printed for B. Tooke, and F. Gardner, 1684 - Religion - 57 pages
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Page 18 - Chriftianity, that he who compares the late appearances of it in the world with the model of it laid down in Scripture, or the Records of the Primitive Church, can hardly believe it the fame thing.
Page 52 - They think themfelves fufficiently fatisfied, and go on to hate and revile, but they often know not what, nor why. If we could bring them to make their own trial, who -are always jealous of any attempts...
Page 11 - Saviour himfelf herein, and be more than convenient, that it be as conformable, as it is in our power to make it in one place, to what it is in another. It...
Page 17 - ParliaParliaments before the Reformation of the encroachments made by them upon the Civil Rights of Prince and Subject by vexatious and chargeable Suits and Appeals as far as Rome ; by...
Page 10 - Offices be as near alike in all places as can well be, yet every difference in Judgment, when no violence is offered to the Foundation of Catholick Faith and Unity, muft not break this Commu4 P 229. ox- nion, according to that profeflion otSt.Cyprian (a) Judgmg no man...
Page 4 - Sacraments fo effectually adminiftred, that they who rightly improve them may not want neceflary fupplies for. theiriprefJent fpiritual life, or future hopes of Salvation:, though the extent of the Church as to its boundaries, and the perfection of it in degrees may be vaftly different at one time, and in one place from, another.
Page 31 - Dotlnnes fince formally determined in the Church by the known and received Authority thereof in Councils more general, or particular, which they pretend were believed through all A^cs, but then eftabiifhed when' they came firit to be called in queflion.
Page 7 - Rom. i $.6. For as the Command of God, the Honour of his Religion, the Edification of his Church, the Propagation of his Truth, and the peculiar...
Page 43 - Difcipline any may lay to the charge of the Church of England, .none can complain of her breach of that Unity therein, which all Chriftian Churches ought to maintain.
Page 11 - What allowance may be . made for thofe, who defire to come as near as they can to the Primitive Pattern, though it be not in their power to reach it in many confiderable points, lam not now to difpute.

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