A discourse of fish and fish-ponds, done by a person of honour [hon. R. North].

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Page 3 - The head, or bank, which by flopping the current is to raife the water, and fo make a pond, muft be built with clay and earth, taken out of the pan or hollow digged in the loweft ground above the bank...
Page 41 - ... not put in. And, which is moft ftrange of all, no perfon ever fa^w in an eel the...
Page 51 - ... for by that means the deep will be kept clean and neat, as it were a parlour to retire to, and reft in: the meat thrown into the water without other trouble will be picked up by the fifh, and nothing fhall be loft ; yet there are feveral ingenious devices for giving them food, efpecially peafe ; as a fquare board let down with the meat upon it by the four corners, whence a flring comes, made faft to the end of a ftick like a fcale, which may be readily managed.
Page 77 - ... and it may be other ponds for the convenience of your cattle, all at one expence ; for if you are obliged to dig clay and earth for your bank, it is as eafily taken where it does this, as otherwife. 3 . If the foil about the waters be in any wife moorim, it may be planted with ofiers, which yield a certain yearly crop.
Page 2 - If there be any difficulty of judging of such, take an opportunity, after some sudden rain, or breaking up of a great snow in winter, and you will plainly see which way the ground casts, for the water will take the true fall, and run accordingly. " The condition of the place must determine the quantity of the ground to be covered with water. For example, I may...
Page 4 - For the making of the bank head, be fure it be firm, and not apt to leak, which it will certainly do if...
Page 51 - ... of thefe the quantity of two quarts to thirty carp every day. is fufficient, and to feed morning and> evening,, is- better than once a day only.
Page 3 - I may propofe in all fifteen acres, in three ponds, or eight acres in two, and not lefs ; and thefe ponds fhould be placed one above another, fo as the...

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