A Dissertation Concerning Misletoe: A Most Wonderful Specifick Remedy for the Cure of Convulsive Distempers : Calculated for the Benefit of the Poor as Well as the Rich ... : to which is Added, a Second Part, Containing Farther Remarks and Observations, Volume 2

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Dan. Browne, 1730 - Medicinal plants - 72 pages
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Page iii - Their lordships' estates were all charged with the payment of Church rates for the benefit of the poor as well as the rich, and they were not at liberty to divest themselves or their property of that obligation. If they did, they, the land-owners of England, would put millions of money into their own pockets at the expense of the poor throughout the country.
Page ii - Hop-Garden, from the several Improvements arising by that Beneficial Plant, as well to the private Cultivators of it as to the Publick. With the Observations and Remarks of the most celebrated Hop-Planters in Britain.
Page ii - LADY'S DIRECTOR, IN TH I. Management of a HOUSE, and the Delights and Profits of a FARM. CONTAINING INSTRUCTIONS for managing the BrcwHoufc, and Malt Liquors in the Cellar; the making of Wines of all forts DIRECTIONS for the DAIRY, in the Improvement of Butter snd...
Page 68 - I have introduced its use, it has become so popular that whole plantations of it have been exhausted. A strong, hot infusion of the plant, crushed, whether dry or recent, is made. Of this, the patient may take from one to four ounces every quarter or half hour, or only three or four times a day, according to the urgency of the symptoms or particular object had in view in its exhibition. It may often be substituted for buchu or uva ursi leaves, and in many cases is much superior to either.
Page ii - Inftruftions for managing the BrewHoufe, Malt Liquors in the Cellar, the making of Wines of all forts. Directions for the Dairy, in the Improvement of Butter and Cheefe in the worft of Soils > the feeding and making of Brawn ; the ordering of...
Page ii - Method of making Ketchup, and many other durable Sauces. The Whole diftributed in their proper Months, from the Beginning to the End of the Year ; with particular Remarks relating to the Drying or Kilning of Saffron. By jR.
Page ii - To which is added, from a Poulterer in St. James's Market, the Manner of Trufiing all Sorts of Poultry ; adorn.d with Cuts : Shewing how every Fowl, Wild or Tame, ought to be prepar'd for the Spit - and likewife any kind of Game.
Page ii - Fowl, Fruits, and Herbs, which are the Production of a Farm, or from any foreign Part» : Contain'd in Letters, and taken from the Performances of the moft polite Proficients in mod parts vf'gunfi.
Page ii - RECTOR, in the Management of a Houfe, and the Delights and •*• Profits of a Farm. Containing Inftruftions for managing the BrewHoufe, Malt Liquors in the Cellar, the making of Wines of all forts.
Page 59 - Hour, * then to be ftrain'd out; when per< fe&ly cold, to add half a Pint of * Lisbon White-wine: afterwards, with * two Ounces of blanch'd Almonds to * make an Emulfion, and to be fweet.* ned with a fufficient quantity of fine * Sugar.

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