A familiar exposition of homoeopathia, or, The new mode of curing diseases: illustrating its superiority over the prevalent system of medicine

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Printed and sold by J.G. Wesselhoeft, 1836 - Homeopathy - 24 pages

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Page 10 - What nosologist has ever seen one of those morbid principles,, of which he speaks with so much confidence, and upon which he presumes to found a plan of medical treatment ? Who has ever been able to exhibit to the view, the principle of gout, or the virus of scrofula...
Page 6 - ... or the application of remedies for the cure of symptoms similar to those which the same medicines produced on persons in health. For the purpose of verifying this conjecture, he continued to experiment with other medicinal agents, long regarded as successful remedies in certain forms of disease. Ulcers in the throat, inflammatory...
Page 17 - According to the homcsopathists, there are only three possible relations between the symptoms of diseases and the specific effects of medicines — namely, opposition, resemblance, and heterogeneity.
Page 24 - It oners to ffie sick and afflicted no noxious draughts, no bitter or loathsome portions , as all its medicinal preparations are agreeable to the taste and hence admirably adapted to the treatment of children: it requires few medicinal agents and in such minute quantities , that the patient is subjected to no expensive Apothecaries' bill ; neither is he required to undergo the pain or inconvenience of Cupping, leeching or bleeding.
Page 23 - In conclusion I will add, that as a system, it professes to cure all diseases, which in their nature are curable, some surgical ones excepted , in a certain , easy, safe and expeditious manner. It imposes no uncommonly rigid rules of diet, but requires of those...
Page 18 - ... as the medicinal maladies are in their nature more energetic , than the natural sufferings...
Page 23 - Tinctures, and exciting stimulants, thus recommending itself powerfully to the friends of temperance: it produces no dangMWUs or violent revolutions in the human economy: it effects every change in a manner so gentle, as to be almost imperceptible but not the less positive and certain. — It...
Page 6 - Homceopathia", that is to say "a system of medicine, which cures diseases, by such agents as produce similar symptoms when taken by an individual in health".
Page 18 - The reaction produced in the dynamic forces of life is the only mode by which medicines can cure disease. They excite disease and the organism is thus excited to reaction. They act on the vital principle, and this in its turn is roused into action, and restores the disordered balance of health.
Page 19 - Homoeopathy does furnish a complete and radical specific for diseases, chronic ones especially, which ordinary medicine can not reach: diseases, which are to the quack a fortune, but to the honourable and upright practitioner a source of deep and heartfelt sorrow.

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