A Field Guide to the Soul: A Down-to-earth Handbook of Spiritual Practice

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Bell Tower, 1999 - Religion - 270 pages
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After a career as one of the nation's top environmental lawyers, James Thornton spent several years on retreat, culminating in a meeting with the Dalai Lama, who asked him to teach a path of integration and wholeness.
In A Field Guide to the Soul, Thornton leads us through a series of contemplative exercises designed to clarify the body, mind, and heart, and make a deep connection with the wisdom encoded in the natural world. His nature writing is joyously lyrical; the book as a whole is immensely practical, drawing on Jungian psychology, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian teachings, to give us the tools to work for the benefit of all living beings.
At a time when people are desperate to make some sense of their lives, Thornton shows us how to embark on our own hero's journey. Only by taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions can we bring about the revolution in consciousness that is so vital today. In order to discover how to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants, we must first learn how to care for ourselves. Here is a practical manual that shows us the way.

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People cannot checkout from life, to find life, life is about connecting to people; it is about helping others. It is not a solo journey.
This book is not a field guide to the soul. It is a field
guide to irresponsibility. The man who wrote this book, was burnt out on life. He was lost and had no idea who he was. He went off on a journey into the wilderness and heard voices; he checked out of life for a great number of years and studied under so called gurus. He wrote this book on how to take no responsibility for your life. He believed that looking at all the pain and suffering in the world would make a person feel helpless and unhappy; so they should just avoid it, and live in bliss. This book is just more of the New Age Movement lies! If we just pretend there are no problems in the world, but the world we personally live is just bliss, and we are completely surround by love; the hell with everyone else, the problems in the world, will only get bigger and bigger. Now they are too big for little old me to do anything about it. A problem that gets bigger and even bigger to handle becomes a problem that is even harder to handle. The only real way to handle a problem in life, is to face it, admit it is a problem, be willing to do something about it, and handle it. If it is too big of a problem to handle on your own, then get others to help solve it. Do not just close your eyes, and throw your hands up in the air; then pretend that a god is going to handle it for you. It not will solve by locking yourself away from either. It will only sit there and fester. That is just a helpless, useless, ignorant view point. People doing nothing about problems of the world has led to this point in history; endless wars and big problems of the world. Pretending a problem does not exist and going about your business, only allows a problem to grow bigger. This is one of the problems with the whole New Age Movement; they want people to blindly ignore and live in bliss and pretend all is right with the world and do nothing about it. Pretending that there is only love and that there is no evil in the world, makes people blind and ignorant. This book is just another blind person leading the blind even farther into more darkness. It preaches do nothing about the problems of the world because it might stress a person out, but one should pretend to live in bliss with the earth. At this time in history we cannot be blind any longer. With all the crimes being committed by the US government, other world governments and the top .001 percent against our freedoms and against other countries, against whistle blowers; this is not the time for people to be sleeping or checking out of life. We all need to take part of life, for our very lives and our world are at stake here. If all those gurus really had the answers to world peace, the world would be at peace; it is not! The kingdom of heaven is within the person and not in some manmade temple or god. You are your soul. You are the master of yourself. You are you. You are divine in your own right. You will not find truth outside of yourself. You will not find any truth in this book. May be if you are so completely disconnected from nature, the environment and the people around you and you are that lost; you might find a small grain of truth in this book. Very small! 


Listening to the Landscape
Aksowfe Sincerity
What Do We Trust?

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A former senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council and editor-in-chief of the New York University Law Review, James Thornton took top honors in philosophy at Yale. He is the executive director of the Heffter Research Institute, founder of Positive Futures, and publisher of Erasmus.org (Talk to the author at www.erasmus.org). He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the French Pyrenees.

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