A First Latin Book

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D. Appleton, 1906 - Latin language - 298 pages
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Page 44 - A Relative pronoun agrees with its Antecedent in gender and number, but its case depends on the construction of the clause in which it stands ( 198).
Page 140 - ... when the subject of the infinitive is the same as that of the leading verb.
Page 227 - CARDINAL. 1. unus, una, unum, one. 2. duo, duae, duo, two. 3. tres, tria, three, r*c. 4. quattuor 5. quinque 6. sex 7. septem 8. octo 9. novem 10. decem 11. undecim 12. duodecim 13. tredecim 14. quattuordecim 15. quindecim 16.
Page 31 - ... the object of the preposition by. 465. In turning a sentence from the Active Voice to the Passive, the Object of the active verb becomes the Subject of the passive.
Page 253 - Perfect fuero, / shall have been fuerimus, we shall have been fueris, you will have been fueritis, you will have been fuerit, he will have been fuerint, they will have been...
Page 252 - PLURAL sumus, we are estis, you are sunt, they are Imperfect eramus, we were eratis, you were erant, they were Future erimus. we shall be eritis, you will be erunt, they will be Perfect...
Page 224 - Masc. Fem. Neut. acres acres acria acrium acrium acrium acribus acribus acribus acris, -es acris, -es acria acribus acribus acribus 502.
Page 4 - It is also long if it contains a short vowel followed by two or more consonants, or by a double consonant: ex, from; mors.
Page 235 - IMPERATIVE PRESENT ama're, be thou loved ama'mini, be ye loved FUTURE amator, thou shalt be loved amator, he shall be loved amantor, they shall be loved INFINITIVE PRES.
Page 149 - Many verbs compounded with ad, ante, con, in, inter, ob, post, prae. pro, sub, super, and some with circum, admit the Dative of the indirect object ( 370).

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