A Genealogical Register of the Inhabitants of the Town of Litchfield, Conn: From the Settlement of the Town, A. D. 1720, to the Year 1800, Whereby One Knowing His Father's Name, May Perhaps Ascertain who Were Some of His Antecedent Progenitors

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Case Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1900 - Litchfield (Conn.) - 267 pages

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Page 240 - Wolcott owned a considerable landed property in his native country which he held in capite, part of which he sold about the time he left England; the rest of the estate was. sold at sundry times by himself and his descendants; the last remains was sold since the Declaration of Independence, by Henry Allen, Esq., of Windsor, who claimed by a female descent.
Page 241 - ... country. Major Mason, it is said, had no male posterity. The descendants of the others are well known in Windsor. GENEALOGY. Henry Wolcott, Esq., was born AD 1578; and on or about the year 1607, married Elisabeth Sanders, who was born in 1589. He lived in Tolland, near Taunton in Somersetshire, England, till the year 1630, and then to avoid persecution, came with his family into New England, and settled at Dorchester, In the year 1636, he went with his family to Windsor in Connecticut.
Page 179 - Esq., was one of the most respectable and highly esteemed inhabitants of Harwinton, where he resided during the Revolutionary War, but he was obnoxious as a Tory, and, being pursued by his enemies, concealed himself in the hay in his barn. His enemies threatened to seize his son Charles, when he appeared, and they tarred and feathered him, and transported him to Windham, where he was confined in goal.
Page 241 - Welhersfield were settled the same year, though the town which is now called Windsor was, upon the first emigration, by far the most considerable. Previous to this settlement on Connecticut River, one had been made at Springfield, under the patronage of Mr.
Page 126 - ROGER, of Woodbury, Conn.; came in 1793 to visit his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Bunnell, in Milton Society, or southeast part of Cornwall, and died there June 12, 1793, ae. 95, and was buried in the old Milton Cemetery. His daughter, Mrs. Joseph Bunnell, died in the same house, May 7, 1835, aged 93.
Page 242 - Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Newberry, Mr. Stoughton, and Major Mason, were the five gentlemen that undertook the settling of the town. Mr. Wolcott was one of the first magistrates in the Colony of Connecticut ; he lived in that post in Windsor, till he died, May 30, 1655. His wife died July 7, 1G55, and she and her husband lie buried in one tomb in Windsor.
Page 26 - Feb. i, 1800. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 21. 1768; m. Joshua Garrit. Rebecca, b. Aug. 18, 1772; m. Reuben Rockwell. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 27, 1774; m. Catherine Knox. James, b. Feb. 21, 1779; m. Abby McEwen. || William, b. March 24, 1782; m. Clarissa Sanford, Jan. 17, 1808.
Page 267 - Block 1888— Eugene L. Phelps 1920 — Eugene L. Phelps 136 — Bishop Block 1888— Bishop & Sedgwick 1920 — Est. Charles Bishop 137— Pratt Block 1886— Seth Pratt & Thompson 1920 — George H. Hunt 138 — Court House & Town Hall 1797-8 — County and Town. Burned in 1886, rebuilt in 1888. in wood, by town. Burned same year and rebuilt in 1889 by town. in stone. 1920 — County and Town 139 — Sedgwick Block 1889-90 — Theodore Sedgwick and James T.
Page 240 - ... the time he left England ; the rest of the estate was sold at sundry times by himself and his descendants ; the last remains were sold since the Declaration of Independence, by Henry Allen, Esq., of Windsor, who claimed it by female descent. From circumstances it seems probable that the family are of Saxon origin. Mr. Wolcott, to avoid the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the English Church, was induced to come into this country. He first settled at Dorchester, where he continued till 1636, when he...
Page 25 - Mary, b. Sept. 25, 1699. Samuel, b. Nov. 13, 1701 ; removed to Sheffield, Mass. James, b. Aug. 7, 1704; d. at Canaan, Jan. 17, 1787. John, b. March i, 1705/6; d.

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