A General Vocabulary of Latin

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Ginn and Heath, 1878 - Latin language - 205 pages
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Page 188 - M., boundary, limit. ternideni, ae, a, thirteen each. ternus, a, um, by threes, threefold; pi. three each, three. tero, trivi, trit-, 3, wear, wear away, bruise (for threshing), frequent.
Page 56 - I, separate, differ. dispartio— -dispertio, 4, divide. dispello, puli, puls-, 3, drive away, scatter, disperse. dispendium, i, N., cost, damage. dispendo, 3, to weigh out. dispensatio, onis, F., management, charge, superintendence. dispensator, oris, M., manager. dispense, I, pay out, regulate, arrange, dispense. disperdo, didi, dit-, 3, to waste, destroy, spoil, ruin. dispereo, ii, 4, to be undone. dispergo, si, sum [spargo,] 3, scatter. dispertio, 4, distribute, divide. dispesco, 3, to divide,...
Page 31 - F., encircling, outline, deceit. circumsedeo, seal, sess-, 3, to encamp about, besiege. circumsisto, stetl, 3, surround. circumsono, i, to ring with, make ring, resound, echo. circumspicio, spexi, spect-, 3, watch, look about, wait, ponder. circumspectus, wary, heedful, wellconsidered, distinguished. circumsto, steti, i, stand about, beset, surround. circumvallo, i, to wall around, blockade. circumvehor, vectus, 3, ride about.
Page 56 - ... confine, divide. disco, didici, 3, learn. f discobolus, i, M., quoit-thrower. discolor, oris, parti-colored. discordia, ae, F., variance, strife. discordo, I, be at variance. discors, dis, discordant, harsh. discrepo, ui, I, jar, disagree, differ. discretus, [cerno,] parted. discrimen, inis, N., difference, crisis', peril, division, decision. discrimino, I, divide, distinguish. discrucio, I, torment; P., be vexed. discumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, recline (at table), go to bed. discupio, 3, desire...
Page 100 - L, the praen. Lucius ; num.,=5o. labasco (-or), 3, totter, waver. Labdacus, myth. k. of Thebes. labe-facio, 3, loosen, shake, weaken. labefacto, I, shatter, overthrow, ruin. labefio, P. of labefacio. labellum, i, N., lip, bath-tub.
Page 136 - M., edge, border. Patara, ae, F., a port of Lycia. Patavium, i, N., Padua, N. Italy. pate-facio, 3, lay open, expose. patefactus, a, um, convicted. patella, ae, F., dish, plate, platter. patens, tis, open, wide. patenter, manifestly. pateo, ui, 2 ; -esco, 3, to lie open, extend, be manifest, or accessible. pater, tris, M., father, ancestor. patera, ae, F., bowl, saucer. pater-familias, head of a house.
Page 69 - F., end, edge. extremus (-timus), a, um, outmost, remotest, utmost, latest, last. extrico, I, disentangle, clear. extrilidus, a, um, dauntless. extrinsecus, from abroad, outside. extritus, [tero,] worn off. extrudo, si, sum, 3, thrust forth. extubero, i, to swell, raise. extundo, tudi, tus, 3, to beat out, strike out, devise, extort. exturbo, I, drive or thrust away. exubero, I, abound, make full. exudo=exsudo, exude. exul=exsul, exile. exulcero, i, fester, exasperate. exululo, i, howl. exulto=exsulto,...
Page 212 - The 15th day of March, May, July, October, and the 13th of the other months, was called IDUS (Ides or division), being the middle of the month. The first...
Page 160 - N., recoverer ; pi., a Board of Claims. recupero, I, recover, get back. recuro, I, care for, restore. recurro, curri, curs-, 3, run back, return, recur. recurso, I, hasten or come back. recursus, us, M., a return, retreat. recurvo, I, to bend backward. recurvus, a, um, bent back, recusatio, onis, F..
Page 21 - Sicily. brutus, a, urn, brutish, dull, solid. Brutus, L. Junius, a founder of the Roman Republic, BC 509 ; Marcus, friend of Cicero, a conspirator against Caesar, d. at Philippi, BC 42. bryonia, ae, F., briony (wild vine). bubalus, i, M., gazelle. bubile, is, N., cattle-stall. bubo, onis, M., horned owl. bubulcito (tor), i, to keep oxen. bubulcus, i, M., ploughman, herdsman. bubulo, i, hoot (like an owl). bubulus, a, um, of cattle ; F. beef. bucaeda, ae, M., cow-hided fellow.

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