A General Vocabulary of Latin

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Ginn Brothers, 1872 - Latin language - 205 pages
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Page 109 - ... mansuefactus, a, um, tame, gentle. mansuesco, evi, et-, 3, make or grow tame. mansuetudo, inis, F., mildness. mansuetus, a, um, mild, gentle. mansus, [mando,] chewed. mantele, is, N., towel, napkin. mantelum, i, N., cloak.
Page 44 - Etnv ria where the Fabii perished. cremina, orum, N., brushwood. cremo, I, to burn, consume. Cremona, ae, F., a town on the Po. cremor, oris, M., broth, porridge. creo, I, create, beget, elect, produce. creper, era, um, doubtful, dark. crepida, ae, F., shoe-sole or last. crepido, inis, F., brink, base. f crepis, idis, F., slipper.
Page 188 - F., fixing bounds. termino, I, to bound, limit, define. terminus, i, M., boundary, limit. ternideni, ae, a, thirteen each. ternus, a, um, by threes, threefold; pi. three each, three. tero, trivi, trit-, 3, wear, wear away, bruise (for threshing), frequent. Terpsichore, es, the Muse of Dancing. terra, ae, F., earth, ground, region. terrenus, a, um, earthen, earthy, earthly. terreo, ui, it-, 2, to frighten, alarm, scare away. terrestris, e, of the earth, or land. terreus, a, um, earthen. terribilis.e,...
Page 76 - N., thicket, shrubbery. fruticosus, a, um, bushy, shrubby. frux, gis, F., fruit, produce, [fruges.] fucatus, a, um, counterfeit. fuco, I, to paint, dye, stain. fucosus, a, um, painted, colored, stained, counterfeit. fucus, i, M., orchil (a lichen), red, rouge, deceit; bee-glue; drone. fuga, se, F., flight,^ exile, avoiding. fugaciter, in fleeing. fugax, acis, fleet, fleeing. fugicus, tis, fleeting, vanishing. fugio, fugi, fugit-, 3, flee, pass away, avoid, escape.
Page 139 - I, to practise or utter often. percello, culi, culs-, 3, strike, cast perceptio, onis, F., gathering in. perceptus, [-cipio,] received. percido, cidi, cis-, 3, beat, crush. percio, 4 ; -cieo, 2, stir up, excite. percipio, cepi, cept-, 3, take up, get, perceive, understand. percisus, [cido,] broken. percitus, [cieo,] stirred, excited.
Page 21 - N., butter. buxcus, a, um, of box-wood. buxum, i, N. ; us, i, F., box-wood, (pipe, flute, top, comb, &c.). Byrsa, ae, the citadel of Carthage. byssinus, a, um, of fine cotton. fbyssus, i, F., fine flax, cotton. Byzantium, i, N., a Greek colony in Thrace ; Constantinople, Capital of the Empire, AD 330. Byzantius (tinus), a, um, of Byzantium.
Page 123 - I, to announce, declare. nuntius, i, M., messenger, message, order, tidings. [nuo, nut-, 3, to nod (only in compounds). nuper, lately, just now. nuperus, a, um, recent, fresh. nupta, ae, F., [nubo,] bride. nuptiae, arum, F., marriage. nuptialis, e, of a wedding. nuptus, a, um, [nubo,] married; F., bride, wife. nuptus, us, M., marriage.
Page 3 - Achaicus (-aeus), a, um, Greek. achates, ae, M., agate. Achelous, M., a river of N. Greece. Acheron (uns), tis, M., a river in Hades. Achilles, is, ea, champion of Greece in the Trojan war. Achivus, a, um, Grecian. acidus, a, um, sour, sharp, tart. acies, ei, F., edge, sight, line-of-battle, keenness, battle.
Page 101 - F., down, bloom. lanugineus (-esus), a, um, downy. Lanuvium, i, N., a town of Latium, 23 miles SE of Rome, lanx, cis, F., dish, platter. Laocoon, tis, myth, priest of Apollo, in Troy. Laomedon, tis, k. of Troy, father of Priam and Ganymede. lapathum (us), i, N., sorrel. lapicidinae, arum, F., quarries. lapidat, it rains stones. lapidatio, onis, F., stoning. lapideus (-arius), a, um of stone. lapido, I, throw stones at. lapidosus, a, um, stony. lapillus, i, M., pebble, gravel. lapis, idis, M., stone,...
Page 101 - F., mask, spectre, goblin. larvo, I, bewitch, enchant. lasanum, i, F., cooking-pot. lascivia, ae, F., sport, wantonness. lascivio, 4, to be playful, wanton. lascivus, a, um, playful, wanton. lassitudo, inis, F., weariness. lasso, I, make faint or languid. lassus, a, um, faint, weary, languid.

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