A Global History of Architecture

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From ancient Chinese civilization to the postmodern world

Organized along a global timeline, A Global History of Architecture presents an innovative approach to the study of architectural history. Spanning from 3,500 B.C.E. to the present, this unique guide is written by an all-star team of architectural experts in their fields who emphasize the connections, contrasts, and influences of architectural movements throughout history. The architectural history of the world comes to life through a unified framework for interpreting and understanding architecture, supplemented by rich drawings from the renowned Frank Ching as well as brilliant photographs.

Architecture and art history enthusiasts will find A Global History of Architecture perpetually at their fingertips.

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A global history of architecture

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A decade after the 100th anniversary of Banister Fletcher's venerable and indispensable A History of Architecture (20th ed.) comes this fresh, one-volume historical encyclopedia of world architecture ... Read full review

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Contents (BC Contents only, AD Contents not listed)
-3500 BC
China, Niuheliang Ritual Center, Indus Settlements, Predynastic Egypt, Mesopotamia, Catal Huyuk, European Megalithic Toumbs, Stone
- 2500 BC
Indus Ghangger; Hakra Civilizations, Mohenjo; Daro, Early Empires of Mesopotamia, Ur, Ziggurat at Ur, Egypt; Old Kingdom, Pyramids of Giza, Architecture and Food, Megalithic Temples of Malta, Stonehenge, First Civilizations of Americas, Caral, El Paraiso.
- 1500 BC
Egypt New Kingdom, Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Sun Temple of Amarna, Abusibel, Egyptian Design Methods, Hitite Empire, Maltusas, Minoan Civilization, Tresury of Atreus, Sardinia, Civilization of High Andes, Salinas De Chao, Poverty Point,
- 800 BC
Olmec, San Lorenzo, LaVenta, Chavin de Huantar, Zhou Dynasty, Ritual Complex at Fengchu, Wangcheng Plan, Varanasi The Aryan Conquest, Etruscan Civilizations, Etruscan Religion, Estruscan Temples, Greece Geometric Period, Emergence of Greek Temple Form, Temple of Solomon, Kingdom of Kush, Sun Temple at Meroe, Neo Assyrian Empire.
- 400 BC
Achaemenid Dynasty, Persepolis, Classical Greece, Magna Craeca Temples, Greek Architecture and Language, Telseterion at Elevsis, Delphi, Temple of Apollo at Dephi, Ionic Order, Athenian Propylaea, Erectheam, Parthenon, Early Hellenic Age, Detos, Priene, Temple of Apollo at Didyma, Pergamon, Sanctuary of Athena at Lindos, Ptolemies, Temple of Buddihsm, Asokan Pillars, China; The Warring States Period, Xianyang Palace, Tomb of Zong Hou Yi, Late Olmec Centers, Kaminaljuyu
- 0 BC
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About the author (2007)

FRANCIS D.K. CHING is Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington. He is the author of numerous architecture and design books, including Architecture: Form, Space, and Order; Architectural Graphics; Interior Design Illustrated; and Building Construction Illustrated, all from Wiley.

MARK M. JARZOMBEK is Director of History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art, Professor of the History of Architecture at MIT, and author of several books with university presses.

VIKRAMADITYA PRAKASH is Chair and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington and the author of several academic publications.

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