A grammar of history

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Richard Phillips, sold, 1814 - History - 175 pages

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Page 129 - Mexico. 1522 The first Voyage round the world performed by a ship of Magellan's squadron.
Page 33 - There were hardly any vestiges of the ancient classic taste, towards the close of the empire. 4. Seminaries of learning, at Rome and in Italy, were first endowed from the public treasury by Vespasian. The principal school next to that of Rome, was at Milan. In Greece, the schools .of Athens continued to flourish for a considerable time, and when the seat of the Roman empire was transferred to Constantinople, that city included, for more than a thousand years, most of the literature and books that...
Page 89 - The empire, at the death of Augustus, was bounded on the west by the Atlantic ocean, on the north by the Rhine and the Danube, on the east by the Euphrates, and on the south by the deserts of Arabia and Africa.
Page 27 - Flamines officiated each in the service of a peculiar deity ; the Salii guarded the sacred bucklers ; the Vestals cherished the sacred fire ; the Augurs and Aruspices divined future events from the flight of birds, and the entrails of victims.
Page 127 - ANASTASIUS II. emperor of the East. Spain conquered by the Saracens under Muca. the general of the caliph Walid.
Page 94 - These letters may easily be remembered by considering that the first five vowels represent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ; that the diphthong au, which is composed of a 1 and u 5, denotes 6 ; that oi, for the same reason, denotes 7, oo, 8, and ou, 9. The diphthong ai is put for the cipher 0, but without any similar reason. The first consonant, b, denotes 1 ; d, the first letter of duo, the Latin for two, denotes 2 ; t, the initial...
Page 45 - Africa, where he died in 1^70, before Tunis. His son and successor, Philip III, kept the field against the Moors, and saved the remains of the French army ; and this procured him the surname of the Hardy.
Page 47 - On his death, the crown devolved to the house of Bourbon, in the person of Henry IV. king of Navarre, who was justly styled the Great. He was one of the best and most amiable of princes...
Page 26 - The lands he distributed into three portions ; one for the support of the government, another for the maintenance of religion, and the third he divided into equal portions of two acres to each Roman citizen. He instituted a senate of...
Page 53 - IV. was the son of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster. Who was John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster ? The third son of Edward III.

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