A Grammar of the Greek Language: For the Use of Schools and Colleges

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Harper & Brothers, 1842 - Greek language - 284 pages
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Page 293 - A Grammar of the Greek Language, for the Use of Schools and Colleges. By Charles Anthon, LL.D.
Page 293 - Commentaries on the Gallic War, and the First Book of the Greek Paraphrase; with English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, Plans of Battles, Sieges, &c., and Historical, Geographical, and Archaeological Indexes.
Page 293 - Sallust's Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline. With an English Commentary, and Geographical and Historical Indexes. New Edition, corrected and enlarged.
Page 10 - Hurl'd often cuts off the vowel at the end of a word, when the next word begins with a vowel; though he does not like the Greeks wholly drop the vowel, but lull retains it in writing like the Latins.
Page 294 - The Principles of Physiology applied to the Preservation of Health, and the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education. By ANDREW COMBE.
Page 293 - Latin Grammar, Part I. Containing the most important Parts of the Grammar of the Latin Language, together with appropriate Exercises in the translating and writing of Latin.
Page 276 - Amphibrach . .Amphimacer. 1. METRE, in its general sense, means an arrangement of syllables and feet in verse, according to certain rules ; and in this sense it applies not only to an entire verse, but to a part of a verse, or any number of verses. 2. But a metre, in a specific sense, means a combination of two feet, and sometimes one foot only.
Page 294 - The History of the Discovery and Settlement of America. By William Robertson, DD With an Account of his Life and Writings. To which are added, Questions for the Examination of Students. By John Frost, AM In one volume, 8vo.
Page 294 - Epitome of the History of Philosophy : being the Work adopted by the University of France for Instruction in the Colleges and High Schools. Translated from the French, with Additions, and a Continuation of the History from the time of Reid to the present Day, by Rev.
Page 294 - Schmucker's Psychology ; Or, Elements of a new System of Mental Philosophy, on the Basis of Consciousness and Common Sense.

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