A Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic, Or Irish Language

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R. Marchbank, 1782 - Irish language - 286 pages
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Page 136 - Good Lord, what a fight! After all their good cheer, For people to fight In the midft of their beer! They rife from their feaft, And hot are their brains, A cubit at leaft The length of their fkeans. What ftabs and what cuts, What clattering of flicks, What ftrokes on the guts, What
Page 135 - I'm rifled, quoth Nell, Of mantle and kercher; "Why, then fare them well, The De'el take the Searcher. Come, harper, ftrike up; But firft by your favour, Boy, give us a cup: Ay! this
Page 3 - and heteroclite redundances, which mark the dialects of barbarous nations ; it is rich and melodious; it is precife and copious, and affords thofe elegant converfions which no other than a thinking and lettered people can ufe or require.
Page 7 - That North America was formerly inhabited by a nation more verfed in fcience, and more civilized than the prefent, is certain from the late difcoveries of Monf. Verandrier and his companions, who travelled weftward from Montreal in order to reach the South Sea. When they had
Page 135 - A mercy the ground Did not burft with their ftamping. The floor is all wet With leaps, and with jumps, While the water and fweat Splifli
Page 7 - which had formerly been ploughed; it is to be obferved, that the people which now inhabit North America, never make ufe of horfes, oxen, or ploughs. In feveral places they met on the plains and in the woods, great pillars of ftone, which to all appearance had been
Page 46 - if they bear not Mofes and the prophets, neither will they be ■perfuaded though one rofe from the dead. Alas ! they hear not the
Page 134 - noble fare Will ne'er be forgot, By thofe who were there Or thofe who were not. His revels to keep, We fup, and we dine, On feven fcore fheep, Fat bullocks, and fwine. Ufquebaugh to
Page 135 - by the noife, And mufical clatter, They bounce from their neft,' No longer will tarry -, They rife ready dreft, "Without one Ave Mary. They dance in a round, Cutting capers, and
Page 42 - by the inhabitants of Syria and the eaftern world, and equally followed by the weftern inhabitants of Gaul, Germany, Spain, Britain and Ireland; if we find monuments of the fame kind in Africa and Sweden, or ftill more diftant regions, we are not to be furprized; but to

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