A Grammar of the Latin Language: For the Use of Schools and Colleges ; with Exercises and Vocabularies

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E.H. Butler, 1871 - Latin language - 392 pages
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Page 209 - A relative pronoun agrees with its antecedent in gender, number, and person, but its case...
Page 107 - Person, the verb takes the First Person rather than the Second, and the Second rather than the Third, as in the examples just given.
Page 143 - I shall have loved, thou wilt have loved, he will have loved; we shall have loved, ye will have loved, they will have loved.
Page 11 - A word of one syllable is called a monosyllable ; a word of two syllables, a dissyllable ; a word of three syllables, a trissyllable ; and a word of four or more syllables, a polysyllable. DIPHTHONGS AND TRIPHTHONGS. A diphthong' is two vowels joined in one syllable ; as, ea in beat, ou in sound.
Page 226 - Verbs of asking, demanding, teaching, and celo, conceal, may take two accusatives, one of the person, the other of the thing.
Page 333 - According to the more ancient and correct mode of scanning pentameter verse, it consists of five feet, of which the first and second may each be a dactyl or a spondee ; the third is always a spondee ; and the fourth and fifth are anaptests ; as, Natu- | rt§ si '( ] 1 i 1 - | tar | | sgm- | m;i quis- { qug si'mi.
Page 227 - Duration of Time and Extent of Space are expressed by the Accusative (§§ 424.
Page 9 - The letters are divided into Vowels and Consonants. The Vowels are a, e, i, o, u, y.
Page 99 - ... plures, plurimi, many, more, most. nequam (indecl.), nequior, nequissimus, worthless, frugi (indecl.), frugalior, frugalissimus, useful, worthy. dexter, dexterior, dextlmus, on the right, handy. 3. Defective...
Page 252 - A substantive and a participle, whose case depends upon no other word, are put in the ablative absolute ; as — Urgente tussi.

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