A Grammar of the Modern Spanish Language as Now Written and Spoken in the Capital of Spain

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Ginn, Heath & Company, 1900 - Spanish language - 488 pages

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Page 136 - En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo de los de lanza en astillero, adarga antigua, rocín flaco y galgo corredor.
Page 396 - Inflection, [The words will be found in the vocabulary at the end of the book.
Page 136 - ... sentenced to the loss of his right hand and ten years of exile. Nothing forbids identifying him with our author. From Quintanar the travellers proceeded to ' a township, neither very small nor very big, the name of which I do not recall '. The phrase resembles that which opens Don Quixote : ' in a township of La Mancha, the name of which I do not care to recall '. Whether they are the same, of course, is one of the undiscovered secrets. Don Quixote's native place must have been near El Toboso,...
Page 121 - French, agree in gender and number with the object possessed, and not with the possessor, as in English.
Page 230 - Certain verbs in -iar and -uar take an accent on the i or the u throughout the singular and in the third person plural of the present indicative and of the present subjunctive, and in the singular of the imperative.
Page 343 - When a verb has two or more subjects of different persons, it is put in the first person, if one of the subjects is of that person. If there is no subject of the first person, but one of the second person, then the verb must be considered as being of the second person. Eg, ' You and I shall never believe that.
Page 129 - El que, la que ; los que, las que, \ Lo cual, which (thing) ; lo que, that which, what. Cuyo, cuya ; cuyos, cuyas, whose, of which, which. Aquel que, or el que, he who, ) the one who, the one which Aquella que, or la que, she who, \ or that. Aquellos que, or los que, ) those who, or those which, the ones Aquellas que, or las que, f who or which.
Page 368 - With verbs represented by the following : — -acabar de, to have just. acordarse de, to remember to. alegrarse de, to be glad to. arrepentirse de, to repent of.
Page 129 - ... that which, what. cuyo, cuya; cuyos, cuyas, whose, of which, which. aquel que, or el que, he who, \ the one who, the one which aquella que, or la que, she who, ) or that. aquellos que, or los que, ) those who, or those which, the ones aquellas que, or las que, > who or which.
Page 79 - No lo afirmo, mas sospécholo, que en las cortes de los príncipes son pocos, y muy pocos, y aun muy poquitos, y muy repoquitos los que se tienen entera amistad y se guardan fidelidad; porque allí, con tal que el cortesano haga su facto, poco se le da perder o ganar al amigo. Bien...

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