A Grammar School Arithmetic

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Ginn & Company, 1894 - Arithmetic - 395 pages
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Page 235 - What will be the cost of plastering the walls and ceiling of a room 27 ft. 4 in. long, 20 ft. wide, and 12 ft. 6 in. high, at 27 cents per square yard, if 20 sq. yds. be deducted for doors, windows, and base-board?
Page 235 - ... 31. How many square yards of plastering in the walls and ceiling of a room 30 ft. 8 in. long, 26 ft. 5 in. wide, 10 ft. 6 in. high, if 24 sq. yds. be allowed for doors, windows, and base-board ? 32.
Page 458 - Answers, in pamphlet form, can be had by teachers. rPHIS is a course similar to that given in the Geometry for Beginners, but it is shorter and easier, and does not require a knowledge of the metric system. Like the Geometry for Beginners this is especially commended to those who cannot pursue the study far but desire the discipline of geometry. CC Bounds, Prin. State Normal School...
Page 432 - If $100 gain $2 in 3 mos., what sum will gain $4.40 in 11 mos.? 149. How much will $103 gain in 12 mos., if $600 gain $45 in 18 mos.? 150. If 15 sheep eat 37 bu. of potatoes in 27 dys., how many bushels will 74 sheep eat in 63 dys. ? 151. A garrison of 1500 men has provisions for 12 wks., at the rate of 20 oz. per day to each man. How many men will the same provision support 20 wks., if 8 oz. per day are allowed to each man ? 152. For 5 days
Page 328 - Ninety days after date I promise to pay to the order of John Mulhall, two thousand three hundred dollars, at the Security Savings Bank.
Page 386 - ... $0.625 for car fare, $0.375 for library fees, and $4.875 for other expenses. In how many weeks would he save $97.50?
Page 458 - Board, after sixteen weeks study, than those pupils who had studied 's twice as long. Piepared expressly to accompany Hill's Lessons in Geometry, and containing, in a neat wooden box, a seven-inch rule with a scale of millimeters ; pencil compasses, with pencil and rubber ; a triangle ; and a protractor. Retail price, 40 cents ; for introduction, 30 cents. A specimen copy of the Lessons in Geometry with the Drawing Case will be sent, postpaid, to any teacher on receipt of $1.00.
Page 302 - A man dying left 33 $ of his property to his wife ; 50$ of the remainder to his son ; 75% of the residue to his daughter; and the balance, $120, to a faithful servant How much did each receive ? 132.
Page 417 - Ninety days from date, for value received, I promise to pay to the order of Ambrose Hardy, five hundred dollars, at the Albany National Bank.
Page 22 - Ans. 206,729,544. 10. What is the sum of one hundred sixty-seven thousand, three hundred sixty-seven thousand, nine hundred six thousand, two hundred forty-seven thousand, seventeen thousand, one hundred six thousand three hundred, forty thousand forty-nine, ten thousand four hundred one?

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