A Group of Great Lawyers of Columbia County, New York

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Page 21 - If the Bar is to be merely an institution that seeks to win causes, and win them by back-door access to the judiciary, then it is not only degraded, but it is corrupt.
Page 29 - Incorporation of an institution to be known as the Tilden Trust, with capacity to establish and maintain a Free Library and Reading-Room in the city of New York, and to promote such scientific and educational objects as my said Executors and Trustees may more particularly designate.
Page 95 - A System of Penal Law, for the State of Louisiana: Consisting of A Code of Crimes and Punishments, A Code of Procedure, A Code of Evidence, A Code of Reform and Prison Discipline, A Book of Definitions.
Page 91 - The Proceedings of the Government of the United States in Maintaining the Public Right to the Beach of the Mississipi [!], Adjacent to New Orleans, Against the Intrusion of Edward Livingston. Prepared for the Use of Counsel by Thomas Jefferson.
Page 11 - Cabinet; and that there is no ground for imputing to him the having desired those removals from office which, in the discharge of my Constitutional functions, it was deemed proper to make. During his continuance in the Cabinet, his exertions were directed to produce harmony among its members ; and he uniformly endeavored to sustain his colleagues. His final resignation was a sacrifice of official station to what he deemed the best interests of the country.
Page 16 - I, Martin Van Buren, of the town of Kinderhook, county of Columbia, and State of New York, heretofore Governor of the State, and more recently President of the United States, but for the last and happiest year of my life a farmer in my native town, do make and declare the following to be my last will and testament,
Page 248 - If James had died a natural death at the time he was sentenced to imprisonment in the state prison for the term of his natural life...
Page 8 - were two men more dissimilar. Both were eloquent; but the eloquence of Williams was declamatory and exciting; that of Van Buren insinuating and delightful. Williams had the livelier imagination; Van Buren the sounder judgment. The former presented the strong points of his case in bolder relief, invested them in a more brilliant coloring, indulged a more unlicensed and magnificent invective, and gave more life and variety to his arguments by his peculiar wit and inimitable humor: but Van Buren was...
Page 22 - ... management of the war and of the finances, he was determined neither to be made responsible for nor to be compromised by either. His attitude throughout that pregnant period of our history was, so far as possible for a private citizen holding no official or even active relations with any political party, that of patriotic constitutional opposition to supposed errors of administrative policy, openly co-operating with all the measures of the government of which he approved, and privately discouraging...
Page 21 - Sir, I believe that this country is to-night at about the lowest point in the great cycle which we have occasionally to traverse. I believe that there will come a sounder and a better public sentiment, in which speculation, and gambling, and jobbing, and corruption will lose their power, and in which free government will vindicate its right to the confidence of mankind. If I did not believe this, I should think that a very great part of my own life was lost, and all the traditions I have derived...

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