A Guide to the Exhibition Galleries of the British Museum, Bloomsbury

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order of the Trustees, 1884 - Art museums - 192 pages
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Page xi - for the purchase of the Museum, or Collection of Sir Hans Sloane, and of the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts ; and for providing one General Repository for the better reception and more convenient use of the said collections ; and of the Cottonian Library, and of the additions thereto.
Page xii - House, only, on application in writing, and were, in the first instance, limited to ten, for each of three hours in the day. Visitors were not allowed to inspect the cases at their leisure, but were conducted through the galleries by officers of the house. The hours of admission were subsequently extended, but it was not till the year 1810 that the Museum was freely accessible to the general public, for three days in the week, from ten till, four o'clock. The present arrangement, by which it is opened...
Page 6 - Virgil.— Printed at Venice by Aldus, in April, 1501. The first book printed in Italic types, and the earliest attempt to produce cheap books by compressing the matter into a small space, and reducing the size of the page.
Page 102 - ... and pickaxe, and the cord of a square basket, slung on the left shoulder, or nape of the neck. The head attire of the deceased is either that of the period or dignity, and in the case of monarchs accompanied by the urseus, emblem of royalty.
Page 61 - Part of a series of sculptures which originally lined the two walls of a long narrow gallery, leading, by an inclined plane, from Kouyunjik towards the Tigris.
Page 6 - VII. this series is continued, \vith the addition of specimens of early printing in France ; for example : — 7. Gasparinus Barzizius. Liber epistolarum. — Printed at the Sorbonne in Paris, by Ulrich Gering, Michael Friburger, and Martin Crantz, in 1470. The first book printed in France. Purchased in 1848. 8. L'Art et Science de Rhetorique.— Printed at Paris by Antoine Verard, in 1493.
Page 38 - Ionic peristylar building, with fourteen columns running round a solid cella, and statues in the intercolumniations, the whole elevated on a base, which stands upon two steps. This building has by some been considered a trophy in memory of the conquest of Lycia by the Persians under Harpagus, BC 545, though it was probably not erected till some time in the next century.
Page 93 - Considerable variety prevails in the range of subjects selected for the ornamentation of the coffins and sarcophagi, some due to the caprices or different tastes of the relatives of the deceased. The art was practised from 2000 BC to 700 AD, and it has been calculated that about -420,000,000 bodies may have been thus prepared. The principal cemeteries were...
Page 7 - The Game and Playe of the Chesse," which was translated in 1474, and printed, as Mr. Blades supposes, at Bruges about the year 1475. About the year 1476, or early in 1477, Caxton came to England and settled down as a Printer, at Westminster, within the precincts of the Abbey. Here he printed the first book that ever issued from the Press in England, No. 5 : " The dictes or Sayengis of the philosophhres enprynted by me William...
Page 10 - Plays. With dedication to William Earl of Pembroke and Philip Earl of Montgomery, signed by John Heminge and Henry Condell, the editors, and two of the principal actors of Shakspere's plays. The lines facing the portrait are by Ben Jonson: the portrait by Martin Droeshout. Bequeathed by the Rev. CM Cracherode.

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