A Handbook of Testing: Materials

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1911 - Building materials - 284 pages
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Page 289 - ... presupposed, the bearings of the subject can be grasped by every reader. No subject is fraught with so many possibilities of development for the future relationships of the peoples of the world. India-Rubber and its Manufacture, with Chapters on Gutta-Percha and Balata. By HL TERRY, FIC, Assoc.Inst.MM With Illustrations. LIST OF CONTENTS : Preface. Introduction : Historical and General. Raw Rubber. Botanical Origin. Tapping the Trees. Coagulation. Principal Raw Rubbers of Commerce. PseudoRubbers....
Page 291 - Patents, Designs and Trade Marks : The Law and Commercial Usage. By KENNETH R. SWAN, BA (Oxon.), of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. CONTENTS : Table of Cases Cited—Part I.—Letters Patent. Introduction. General. Historical. I., II., III. Invention, Novelty, Subject Matter, and Utility the Essentials of Patentable Invention. IV. Specification. V. Construction of Specification. VI. Who May Apply for a Patent. VII. Application and Grant. VIII. Opposition.
Page 290 - Glass Manufacture. By WALTER ROSENHAIN, Superintendent of the Department of Metallurgy in the National Physical Laboratory, late Scientific Adviser in the Glass Works of Messrs. Chance Bros. & Co.
Page 290 - Nature and Properties, Manufacture. Miscellaneous Products. Appendix. Bibliography of Glass Manufacture. Index. This volume is for users of glass, and makes no claim to be an adequate guide or help to those engaged in glass manufacture itself. For this reason the account of manufacturing processes has been kept as non-technical as possible. In describing each process the object in view has been to give an insight into the rationale of each step, so far as it is known or understood, from the point...
Page 291 - Marks. Introduction. I. Meaning of Trade Mark. II. Qualification for Registration. III. Restrictions on Registration. IV. Registration. V. Effect of Registration. VI. Miscellaneous. APPENDIX C. — Table of Forms and Fees. INDICES. i. Patents. 2. Designs.. 3. Trade Marks. This is the first book on the subject since the New Patents Act. Its aim is not only to present the existing law accurately and as fully as possible, but also to cast it in a form readily comprehensible to the layman unfamiliar...
Page 290 - Transparency and Colour. Raw materials of manufacture. Crucibles and. Furnaces for Fusion. Process of Fusion. Processes used in Working of Glass, Bottle. Blown and. Pressed. Rolled or Plate. Sheet and Crown. Coloured. Optical Glass : Nature and Properties, Manufacture. Miscellaneous Products. Appendix. Bibliography of Glass Manufacture. Index, This volume...
Page 292 - Gold and Precious Metals. By THOMAS K. ROSE, D.Sc., of the Royal Mint. Photography. By ALFRED WATKINS, Past President of the Photographic Convention. Commercial Paints and Painting. By AS JENNINGS, Hon. Consulting Examiner, City and Guilds of London Institute.
Page 286 - FCS , Prof, of Chemistry, Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Electric Power and Traction. By FH DAVIES, AMIEE Coal. By JAMES TONGE, MIME, FGS, etc. (Lecturer on Mining at Victoria University, Manchester).
Page 286 - With 104 Diagrams and Illustrations. CONTENTS : Preface. Units with Metric Equivalents and Abbreviations. Length and Distance. Surface and Area. Volumes. Weights or Measures. Pressures. Linear Velocities, Angular Velocities. Acceleration. Energy. Power. Introductory Water Power and Methods of Measuring. Application of Water Power to the Propulsion of Machinery. The Hydraulic Turbine. Various Types of Turbine. Construction of Water Power Plants. Water Power Installations. The Regulation of Turbines....
Page 286 - Coal. By JAMES TONGE, MIME, FGS, etc. (Lecturer on Mining at Victoria University, Manchester). With 46 Illustrations, many of them showing the Fossils found in the Coal Measures. LIST OF CONTENTS : History. Occurrence. Mode of Formation of Coal Seams. Fossils of the Coal Measures. Botany of the Coal-Measure Plants. Coalfields of the British Isles. Foreign Coalfields. The Classification of Coals. The Valuation of Coal. Foreign Coals and their Values. Uses of Coal. The Production of Heat from Coal....

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