A Handbook of Useful Drugs ...

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Press of the American medical association, 1913 - Materia medica - 167 pages
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Page 94 - Oil of peppermint occurs as a colorless liquid, with the characteristic peppermint odor and a strongly aromatic, pungent taste, followed by a sensation of cold when air is drawn into the mouth.
Page 101 - A mixture of the enzymes naturally existing in the pancreas of warm-blooded animals, usually obtained from the fresh pancreas of the hog, Sus scrofa or the ox, Bos taurus.
Page 57 - Collodion, USP A solution containing, in 100 cc, 4 gm. of pyroxylin, or guncotton, in a mixture of 3 volumes of ether and 1 volume of alcohol. It is used as a protective and a vehicle chiefly in the form of: Collodium Flexile.— Flexible Collodion, USP A mixture of collodion with Canada turpentine (5 per cent.), and castor oil (3 per cent.).
Page 27 - A white, hard solid generally in the form of pencils or cones. A small amount of silver chlorid is added in the process for the purpose of toughening the mass. Argenti Proteinas.— Silver Proteinate; see Protargol, NNR Aristol.
Page 139 - Oil of turpentine occurs as a thin colorless liquid, having a characteristic odor and taste, both of which become stronger and less pleasant by age and exposure to air.
Page 95 - Oil of birch is also sold commercially as oil of wintergreen. PROPERTIES : Pure methyl salicylate is a colorless liquid, having a characteristic, strongly aromatic, wintergreen odor and a sweetish, warm and .aromatic taste. It is nearly insoluble in water, but miscible in all proportions with alcohol. The oils obtained from natural sources frequently have a pinkish tint, because of the contamination with traces of iron, but in general have the same properties as methyl salicylate, to the requirements...
Page 99 - OLEORESINS. — Oleoresins are thick liquid preparations consisting of volatile oils and resins extracted from vegetable substances by ether, acetone or alcohol. For the preparation included in this list see: OLEORESINA ASPIDII, under Aspidium. Opium, Opium, USP— The air-dried milky exudation obtained by incising the unripe capsules of Papaver somniferum and its variety album.
Page 121 - For intravenous injection a clear alkaline solution is used. The contents of a tube should 'be used at once after opening and under no conditions should the contents of a tube, damaged in transportation, or any remnants of the powder from previously used tubes, be employed.
Page 103 - It occurs as a colorless or very slightly yellowish, oily, transparent liquid, without odor or taste, but giving off, when heated, a faint odor of petroleum.
Page 132 - It is freely soluble in water (1:5.5), but practically insoluble in alcohol. ACTION AND USES: Sodium phosphate is used as a saline cathartic, and its mode of action has much in common with magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphate. It is less disagreeable, but is less active.

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