A Handbook of Useful Drugs: A Selected List of Important Drugs Suggested for the Use of Teachers of Materia Medica and Therapeutics and to Serve as a Basis for the Examination in Therapeutics by State Medical Examining and Licensing Boards

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Press of the American Medical Association, 1913 - Materia medica - 167 pages
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Page 102 - A mixture containing a proteolytic ferment or enzyme, obtained from the glandular layer of the fresh stomach of the hog (Sus scrofa, var.
Page 94 - Colorless, acicular or prismatic crystals, having a strong and pure odor of peppermint, and a warm, aromatic taste, followed by a sensation of cold when air is drawn into the mouth.
Page 95 - The oils obtained from natural sources frequently have a pinkish tint, because of the contamination with traces of iron, but in general have the same properties as methyl salicylate, to the requirements and tests for which they conform. ACTION AND USES : Methyl salicylate and the oils containing it are antiseptic, and when absorbed by the skin or taken internally have the actions of salicylic acid or the salicylates (see Sodium Salicylate). When rubbed on the skin it...
Page 59 - ... tuberculosis has not been determined beyond doubt Less reliance is placed on it than formerly. DOSAGE: 0.2 cc or 3 minims three times daily. It is preferably administered in the form of pills or capsules. If it impairs the appetite and disturbs digestion its use should be abandoned. Cresol.— Cresol, USP A mixture of the three isomeric cresols obtained from coal-tar, freed from phenol, hydrocarbons and water.
Page 95 - ... and a constipating effect resulting from a combination of central and local actions. Morphin is practically devoid of local action, except on the gastro-intestinal tract. This local action is the subject of much debate, but it seems certain that it plays a part in the causation of the constipation which results from the administration of the drug. The drug has no local analgetic action and its use locally for the relief of pain is irrational.
Page 118 - ACTION AND USES: Resorcinol is antiseptic, antizymotic and antipyretic. On account of the readiness with which it causes the formation of methemoglobin and the resulting danger of collapse it is seldom administered internally. It is sometimes given to check fermentation...
Page 57 - Collodion, USP— A solution containing, in 100 Cc., 4 Gm. of pyroxylin, or guncotton, in a mixture of 3 volumes of ether and 1 volume of alcohol. It is used as a protective and a vehicle chiefly in "the form of: COLLODIUM FLEXILE (COLLOD.
Page 101 - Pancreatin occurs as a cream-colored, amorphous powder, having a faint, peculiar, not unpleasant odor, and a somewhat meat-like taste. It is partially soluble in water and should not contain more than 10 per cent.
Page 120 - Sugar is official in the form of white, dry, hard, distinctly crystalline granules, odorless and having a purely sweet taste. It is very soluble in water (1:0.5) and soluble in alcohol (1:170).
Page 139 - Oil of turpentine occurs as a thin colorless liquid, having a characteristic odor and taste, both of which become stronger and less pleasant by age and exposure to air.

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