A Handbook on Piping

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1918 - Hydraulic engineering - 359 pages
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Page 8 - Craig, T. Motion of a Solid in a Fuel. (Science Series No. 49.)....
Page 5 - Booth, WH Water Softening and Treatment 8vo, *2 50 Superheaters and Superheating and Their Control 8vo, *i 50 Bottcher, A. Cranes: Their Construction, Mechanical Equipment and Working. Trans. by A. Tolhausen 4to, *io oo Bottler, M. Modern Bleaching Agents. Trans. by C. Salter I2mo, *2 50 Bottone, SR Magnetos for Automobilists I2mo, *i oo Boulton, SB Preservation of Timber.
Page 6 - Mathematics izmo, *i oo Cathcart, WL Machine Design. Part I. Fastenings 8vo, *3 oo Cathcart, WL, and Chaffee, JI Elements of Graphic Statics . . .8vo, *3 oo — — Short Course in Graphics I2mo, i 50 Caven, RM, and Lander, GD Systematic Inorganic Chemistry.
Page 17 - Binns : 4to, *7 50 Lehner, S. Ink Manufacture. Trans. by A. Morris and H. Robson . 8vo, *2 50 Lemstrom, S. Electricity in Agriculture and Horticulture 8vo, *i 50 Letts, EA Fundamental Problems in Chemistry 8vo, *2 oo Le Van, WB Steam-Engine Indicator.
Page 27 - Mechanism i2mo, *2 oo Staley, C., and Pierson, GS The Separate System of Sewerage. . . .8vo, *3 oo Standage, HC Leatherworkers' Manual 8vo, *3 50 Sealing Waxes, Wafers, and Other Adhesives 8vo, *2 oo Agglutinants of all Kinds for all Purposes I2mo, *3 50 Stansbie, JH Iron and Steel.
Page 14 - Hunter, A. Bridge Work 8vo. ( In Press.} Hurst, GH Handbook of the Theory of Color 8vo, *2 50 Dictionary of Chemicals and Raw Products 8vo, *3 oo Lubricating Oils, Fats and Greases 8vo, *4 oo Soaps 8vo...
Page 21 - Color Mixing 8vo, *3 oo Paulding, CP Condensation of Steam in Covered and Bare Pipes 8vo, *2 oo Transmission of Heat Through Cold-storage Insulation i2mo, *i oo Payne, DW Iron Founders...
Page 23 - Enamelling 8vo, *4 oo Rankine, WJM Applied Mechanics 8vo, 5 oo Civil Engineering 8vo, 6 50 Machinery and Millwork 8vo...
Page 26 - Constructor i2mo, fabrikoid, *s oo Simpson, W. Foundations 8vo. (In Press.) Sinclair, A. Development of the Locomotive Engine. . . 8vo, half leather, 5 oo Sindall, RW Manufacture of Paper. (Westminster Series.) . . . .8vo, *2 oo Sindall, RW, and Bacon, WN The Testing of Wood Pulp 8vo, *2 50 Sloane, T.
Page 23 - Design. 8 vo, boards, *i 50 Rautenstrauch, W., and Williams, JT Machine Drafting and Empirical Design. Part I. Machine Drafting 8vo, *i 25 Part II. Empirical Design (In Preparation.) Raymond, EB Alternating Current Engineering I2mo, *2 50 Rayner, H.

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