A heathen nation evangelized. History of the Sandwich islands mission

Hodder & Stoughton, 1872

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Page 201 - President to be quite willing to declare, as the sense of the Government of the United States, that the Government of the Sandwich Islands ought to be respected; that no power ought either to take possession of the islands as a conquest, or for the purpose of colonization, and that no power ought to seek for any undue control over the existing Government, or any exclusive privileges or preferences in matters of commerce.
Page 12 - The education in our own country, of Heathen Youths, in such manner, as, with subsequent professional instruction, will qualify them to become useful Missionaries, Physicians, Surgeons, Schoolmasters, or Interpreters; and to communicate to the Heathen nations such knowledge in agriculture and the arts, as may prove the means of promoting Christianity and civilization.
Page 92 - The president also anxiously hopes that peace, and kindness, and justice, will prevail between your people and those citizens of the United States who visit your islands ; and that the regulations of your government will be such as to enforce them upon all. ' Our citizens who violate your laws, or interfere with your regulations, violate at the same time their duty to their own government and country, and merit censure and punishment.
Page 208 - Jesus was such a Friend and Saviour as he needed. Led by a heathen lad, he came often to the place of Christian worship, gave up his intoxicating drinks and the hula, and sought to conform to the rules of the Gospel as he understood them. His heart was gradually opened, and the Spirit took of the things of Christ and showed them unto him. When now the chiefs again called for him to hula for their amusement, his reply was : " That service of Satan is ended ; I intend to serve Jehovah, the King of...
Page 203 - It is a subject of cheering contemplation to the friends of human improvement and virtue, that, by the mild and gentle influence of Christian charity, dispensed by humble missionaries of the Gospel, unarmed with secular power, within the last quarter of a century, the people of this group of islands have been converted from the lowest debasement of idolatry to the blessings of the Christian Gospel; EARL ABERDEEN AND THE COMMISSIONERS.
Page 211 - Christ and trust in him will have their sins washed away in his blood, and their souls saved for ever in heaven." " Why do you think it more suitable that you should join the church than others?" " Perhaps it is not. If it is not proper, you must tell me ; but I do greatly desire to dwell with you in the fold of Christ.
Page 127 - These are the teachers whom we would specify, a carpenter, tailor, mason, shoemaker, wheelwright, paper maker, type founder, agriculturists skilled in raising sugar-cane, cotton, and silk, and in making sugar, cloth manufacturers, and makers of machinery to work on a large scale, and a teacher of the chiefs in what pertains to the land, acording to the practice of enlightened countries ; and if there be any other teacher that could be serviceable in these matters, such teachers also.
Page 156 - Islands, as well as the sum above mentioned, be conveyed on board the frigate 1'Artemise by one of the principal chiefs of the country ; and also that the batteries of Honolulu do salute the French flag with twenty-one guns, which will be returned by the frigate.
Page 157 - I do not, however, include in this class, the individuals who, although born, it is said, in the United States, make a part of the Protestant, clergy of the chief of this Archipelago, direct his counsels, influence his conduct, and are the true authors of the insults given by him to France. For me, they compose a part of the native population, and must undergo the unhappy consequences of a war which they shall have brought on this country.
Page 233 - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." They rest from their labors and their works do follow them.

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