A history of England from the first invasion by the Romans

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Baudry, 1829 - Great Britain - 316 pages

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Page 296 - continue, and go on to do good for them. Teach those « who look too much upon thy instruments, to depend « more upon thyself, and pardon such as desire to trample • « upon the dust of a poor worm, for they are thy people
Page 33 - refused them quarter, having the « day before summoned the town. I believe we put to the sword the • whole number of the defendants.... This is a marvellous great « mercy.» In another letter is admitted the additional massacre of a thousand of the inhabitants, who had fled to the great church for security. Whitelock,
Page 259 - way of di« version, would make verses with us, and every one must try his « fancy. He commonly called for tobacco, pipes, and a candle, and « would now and then take tobacco himself. Then he would fall again to his serious and great business
Page 245 - Simpson was moved of the Lord to go at several times, ' for three years, naked and barefoot before them, as a sign unto •them in markets, courts, towns, cities, to priests' houses, and to « great men's houses; so shall they all be stripped naked as he was « stripped naked. And sometimes he was moved to put on hair
Page 180 - the time of this government the work of the gospel prospered (in • Scotland) not a little but mightily. I verily believe there were « more souls converted unto Christ in that short period of time than « in any season since the reformation. Ministers were painful, people
Page 4 - Lysle, Keble, and Whitelock; the writs no longer ran in the name of the king, but of « the keepers of the liberty of England « by authority of parliament;
Page 227 - with one servant of his who hath a pistole in his pocket. Five or six « of us eat together one meal a day for a pistole a week : but all of us « owe, for God knows how many weeks, to the poor woman that « feeds us.
Page 145 - forms, had for more than twelve years defended and invaded the liberties of the nation. It fell without a struggle or a groan, unpitied and unregretted. The members slunk away to their homes, where they sought by submission to purchase the forbearance of their new master;
Page 199 - without any man being able to give a reason that two of them « had deserved to forfeit a shilling. I tell you the truth ; and my soul, « and many persons, whose faces I see in this place, were exceedingly « grieved at these things, and knew not which way to help it, but by «their mournings, and giving their negatives when the occasion
Page 264 - 6), and observed to secretary Nicholas, that it was a sad and grievous thing that the princess royal had not supplied Middleton with money, « but a worse and baser thing that any man should appear in any part « beyond sea under the character of an agent from the rebels, and not

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