A History of Inventions and Discoveries, Volume 1

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J.Walker and Company ... [and 10 others], 1814 - Inventions

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Page 65 - From the evidence it would appear that the submergence took place at the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century.
Page 229 - About midnight will I go out into the midst of Egypt: and all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sitteth upon his throne, even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; and all the firstborn of beasts.
Page 187 - Phipps set sail in a ship of two hundred tons, having previously engaged to divide the profits according to the twenty shares of which the subscription consisted. At first all his labours proved fruitless ; but at last, when he seemed almost to despair...
Page 373 - ... and fastened to the end of the saw, which being turned with the force of water, hoisteth up and down the saw, that it continually eateth in, and the handle of the same is kept in a rigall of wood, from swerving. Also the timber lieth, as it were, upon a ladder, which is brought by little and little to the saw with another vice.
Page 443 - Hall, with a clock to be heard by the courts of law, out of a fine imposed on the Chief Justice of the King's Bench, in the sixteenth year of Edward I, or in 1288...
Page 46 - ... more roots were sold and purchased, bespoke and promised to be delivered, than in all probability were to be found in the gardens of Holland ; and when Semper Augustus was not to be had, which happened twice, no species perhaps was oftener purchased and sold. In the space of three years, as Munting tells us, more than ten millions were expended in this trade in only one town of Holland.
Page 45 - Often did a nobleman purchase of a chimney-sweep tulips to the amount of 2000 florins, and sell them at the same time to a farmer and neither the nobleman, chimney-sweep, nor farmer had roots in their possession, or wished to possess them. Before the tulip season was over, more roots were sold and...
Page 91 - ... on animals, were marked. When the Marchioness heard of the death of her lover and instructor, she was desirous to have the casket, and endeavoured to get possession of it by bribing the officers of justice; but as she failed in this, she quitted the kingdom. La Chaussee, however, continued at Paris, laid claim to the property of Sainte Croix, was seized and imprisoned, confessed more acts of villany than were suspected; and was, in consequence, broken alive on the wheel in 16'73.
Page 43 - Schilder cost 1615 florins; 200 ditto Semper Augustus, 5500 florins ; 410 ditto Viceroy, 3000 florins, &c. The species Semper Augustus has been often sold for 2000 florins; and it once happened that there were only two roots of it to be had, the one at Amsterdam and the other at Haarlem. For a root of this species, one agreed to give 4600 florins, together with a new carriage, two gray horses, and a complete harness.
Page 335 - Verden, the counties of Oldenburg, Delmenhorst, Diepholz, Huy and East Friesland. Pliny says expressly, that the Chauci pressed together with, their hands a kind of mossy earth, which they dried by the wind rather than by the sun, and which they used not only for cooking their victuals, but also for warming their bodies...

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