A history of the Illinois state museum of natural history

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Phillips bros., state printers, 1907 - History - 21 pages
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Page 16 - State treasury. 5. That all materials collected, after having served the purpose of the survey, shall be distributed by the commissioners to the educational institutions in such manner as to be of the greatest advantage to the educational interests of the State ; or, if deemed advisable, the whole or part of such material shall be put on permanent exhibition. 6. That the sum of...
Page 11 - ... teacher shall be required to do janitor work, except as mutually agreed by special contract and for compensation for the same. Any publisher, before offering for adoption or sale any textbook In the State, shall file sample and wholesale price of such book with the State superintendent. A commission consisting of the governor, secretary of state, and superintendent of public instruction shall fix the maximum price at which textbooks shall be sold, which price must not exceed 75 per cent of the...
Page 5 - Such seals heretofore provided by the secretary of state shall continue to be used by such courts and officers, and when defective from wear or otherwise, shall be delivered to the secretary of state who shall cause them to be repaired and returned, or to be defaced with a suitable mark, or deposited with the ancient seals in the state library, and new seals to be provided for use instead.
Page 16 - State in such a manner as the commissioners may determine to be of the greatest advantage to the educational interests of the State, or, if deemed advisable, the whole or part of such material may be placed on permanent exhibition in the State Museum of Natural History at Springfield, or in the museums of the University of Illinois.
Page 12 - Illinois fishes, mounted birds and mammals—a buffalo, deer, bear, and smaller mammals. In the early eighties the curator selected " a complete series of carboniferous fossils for the State Museum of Natural History out of the great mass of material brought together in the progress of the geological survey of the state.
Page 8 - ... During the early years of Worthen's incumbency the museum remained in the arsenal. It was then moved to a room in the Masonic Hall. Concerning this Worthen says :* "These specimens, now comprising the largest and most valuable State cabinet in the west, are kept in a rented room * * * Permit me * * * to call your attention to the importance of securing a suitable fire-proof building for the reception and display of the specimens.
Page 11 - It shall be the duty of the curator as soon after this act takes effect as is practicable, to have the collection of geological specimens accumulated in the progress of the geological survey of this State, and other specimens hereinafter named, removed to said rooms and classified, labeled, and arranged in such a manner as to be effectually preserved and at the same time open to the inspection of the public.
Page 11 - The law* established the institution, set aside certain rooms for it, named the trustees, stated the duties of curator and librarian, provided for moving specimens, for distribution of duplicates, for transfer of material from another museum, and made appropriations for carrying the requirements into effect.
Page 16 - His one great precept towards mankind was to 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Page 12 - During Gurley's incumbency the museum made its customary move — this time from the first to the third floor of the State House. It may have been from the point of view of the protection of the specimens, wise and desirable, to donate to the University of Illinois the materials brought together by Curator Lindahl for the World's Fair. But from the point of view of the museum it was detrimental. The transfer from the first to the third floor was a step backward, as the new quarters were more contracted...

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