A Homoeopathic Materia Medica on a New and Original Plan: ... A Sample Fascicle Containing the Arsenic Group

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author, 1894 - Arsenic - 341 pages

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Page 327 - This search for a homoeopathic, specific remedy, consists in the comparison of the totality of the symptoms of the natural disease with the lists of symptoms of our tested drugs, among which a morbific potency is to be found, corresponding in similitude with the disease to be cured.
Page 327 - In making this comparison, the more prominent, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) features of the case are especially and almost exclusively considered and noted, for these, in particular, should bear the closest similitude to the symptoms of the desired medicine, if that is to accomplish the cure.
Page 328 - The dose of a homoeopathic remedy can scarcely be reduced to such a degree of minuteness as to make it powerless to overcome, and to completely cure an analogous, natural disease of recent origin, and undisturbed by injudicious treatment ( 249, remark).
Page 328 - This slight homoeopathic aggravation during the first hours is quite in order, and in case of an acute disease, generally serves as an excellent indication that it will yield to the first dose. "The drug-disease must naturally be somewhat more intense in order to overcome and extinguish the natural diseases; as it is only by superior intensity that one natural disease can extinguish another of similar nature. The smaller the dose of the homoeopathic remedv, so much the smaller and shorter is the...
Page 326 - Upon subsequent inquiry concerning the effects of the remedy, and the changes of feelings it has produced in the patient, and after having made a new record of the case, the physician...
Page 322 - Or was it lasting and uninterrupted ? How long did it last ? At what time of the day or night, and in what position of the body was the pain most violent; or altogether absent? In this manner every attack or circumstance alluded to by the patient, should be made the subject of careful inquiry and description. 87. In this manner the physician obtains a closer definition of each statement, without predetermining[75] the patient's reply, and avoids his answer by simple " yes " or
Page 325 - By writing down the symptoms of several cases of this kind, the sketch of the disease will gradually become more complete; without being enlarged by additional phrases, it will be more closely defined (more characteristic) and made to embrace more of the peculiarity of such collective diseases.
Page 331 - The fitness of a medicine in a given case of disease does not depend alone upon its accurate homoeopathic selection, but also upon the requisite and proper size, or rather minuteness of the dose. Too strong a dose of medicine, though quite homoeopathic, notwithstanding its remedial nature, will necessarily produce an injurious effect.
Page 326 - ... genuine, pure, and undeceptive effects of simple drugs. Such records contain and represent in similitude the elements of numerous natural diseases hereafter to be cured by these means. A materia medica of that kind should exclude every supposition, every mere assertion or fiction.
Page 331 - ... 274. Perfectly simple, unmixed, and single remedies afford the physician all the advantages he could possibly desire. He is enabled to cure natural diseases safely and permanently through the homoeopathic affinity of these artificial moi bific potencies ; and in obedience to the wise maxim that " it is useless to apply a multiplicity of means, where simplicity will accomplish the end," he will never think of giving more than one simple medi* cine at a time.

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