A key to The national arithmetic: exhibiting the operation of the more difficult questions in that work ...

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R.S. Davis, 1839 - Arithmetic - 110 pages
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Page 60 - of the work; and, therefore, by laboring 1 day each, they would do of = of it. And if of the labor be performed in 1 day, it is evident that the whole work will be performed in 4 days, Ans. If A, B, and C, can do of the work in one day, and A and
Page 101 - 5h. 32m. IS^sec. Ans. NOTE.—We use the fraction ^, because the minute-hand passes the hour-hand thirteen times in twelve hours. 11. As there is a son and a daughter, the son will have f of the estate, the wife f, and the daughter $. If there had been only a daughter, her share would have been ; consequently she loses
Page 69 - $1500 : $24.19|| C's gain, ) 4. 24 oxen for 8 weeks, is 1 ox for 192 weeks ; 18 oxen For 12 weeks, is 216 oxen for 1 week; and 12 oxen for 10 weeks, is 1 ox for 120 weeks. The amount of pasturing is 192 -{- 216 -f- 120 = 528 weeks. A's share is
Page 118 - language, and furnished with directions and models for analyzing, classifying and writing down his thoughts in a distinct and comprehensive manner.—London Jour, of Education. The following Recommendations, exhibiting the character of the work, from respectable sources in our own country, are selected from a large number in possession of the Publisher : From Mr. Walker, Principal of
Page 47 - months before it is due. The question now is, In how much less than 10 months should the $250 be paid 1 As we have before shown that $1 is to be paid in 1000 months, $250 should be paid in ^ of 1000 months = 1000 4- 250 = 4 months. We find, then, that the time in which
Page 108 - in., because FG is the diameter of the sphere, and FE the radius or semi-diameter. By mensuration of solids (see pages 260 and 262), we find the contents of the cone and sphere in the following manner : 5 X 5 X .785398 X 2 = 39.2699in. = contents of the cone
Page iv - that it is a great tax on his time, especially when in school, to examine the operation of many questions of his students ; whereas, by the aid of a Key, he may be able, in a few moments, to detect any mistake in the operation,
Page 122 - Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language. Abridged for the use of Schools throughout the United States. To which is annexed, an Abridgment of WALKER'S KEY to the pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture Proper Names. Boston stereotype edition.
Page 107 - 57001d. = 237<. 10s. Id. Ans. 33. The annexed diagram may represent the conical glass, ABC being the cone, and FDGHa globe or sphere immersed in it. If AB be 5 inches, AD will be 2.5 inches, because AD is half of A B.
Page 66 - T 7 T of $212.50 = $87.50. As the stock of each person in the firm bears the same proportion to his gain as the other; and as A's gain is $125, and his stock $500; therefore, $125 A's gain : $500 A's stock : : $120 C's gain : $480 C's stock. Then $480^320= $1.50, value of C's cloth per yard, Ans. FORM Of STATEMENT.

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