A key to the National arithmetic: exhibiting the operation of the more difficult questions in that work : for the use of teachers only

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R.S. Davis, 1841 - Mathematics - 128 pages
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Page 8 - January 31, February 28, March 31, April 30, May 31, June 30, July 31, August 31, September 30, October 31, November 30, December 31.
Page 109 - DA, we have the semi-diameter of the larger circle, 5.7735027 -(- 5 = 10.7735027. By multiplying this last number by 2, we have the diameter of the larger circle, 10.7735027 X 2 = 21.5470054. As the area of a circle may be found by multiplying the square of the diameter by .785398, therefore, by dividing the area by .785398, the quotient will be the square of the diameter. The area of the lady's field is 500 acres = 80000 square rods ; 80000 -=-.785398 = 101859.28 square of the diameter ; V 101859.28...
Page 89 - Take a series of as many terms, decreasing by 1, from the given number, out of which the election is to be made, and find the product of all the terms.
Page 123 - ... advanced ! Our community cannot come to its growth — we cannot have whole men, until ALL the physical, intellectual, and moral powers are developed in their natural order, proper time, and due proportion. In the hands of a competent teacher, this book will he one step's advance towards such a result.
Page 125 - Improved stereotype edition. Extract from the Preface. It is believed that both teachers and pupils have labored under numerous and serious inconveniences, in relation to certain parts of these Exercises, for the want of those facilities which this volume is designed to supply. Those rules in Mr. Murray's Grammar which relate to the correction of each part of the Exercises in Orthography, Syntax, Punctuation and Rhetorical construction, bave been introduced into this manual immediately precedine...
Page 123 - Why should a subject of such common interest be excluded from the great mass of general readers, and confined to the medical profession ? The author, a professed anatomist, has conferred a great favor on this class, by presenting, in a form as simple as the nature of the subject would allow, a popular outline of an intricate science, and by preparing for his work plates and descriptions which are otherwise to be obtained only at great expense. From Rev. George W. Blag-den, Pastor of the Old South...
Page 120 - ... which the pupil has to encounter, in his first attempts to write, are in a great measure removed, and he is led on, progressively, in a methodical and philosophical manner, till he can express his ideas on any subject which circumstances or occasion may require, not only with sufficient distinctness and accuracy, but even with elegance and propriety. An elementary treatise on composition, like the one before me, is certainly much wanted at the present day. I think this work will...
Page 120 - He is, step by step, initiated into the rhetorical propriety of the language, and furnished with directions and models for analyzing, classifying, and writing down his thoughts in a distinct and comprehensive manner. — London Jour. of Education. Of the Exercises in Composition, by Parker, we can speak with unmingled praise. It is not enough to say, that they are the best that we have, for we nave none worth mention.
Page 116 - The youth, who should go through this work carefully and thoroughly, could not fail of obtaining a familiar acquaintance with the properties and powers, and various applications, of numbers. A. LATHROP, Teacher of Mathematics in the Poughkeepsie Collegiate School. The following is the conclusion of a critical notice of the work, from Thomas M. Brewer, Esq., Principal of an Academy, Poughkeepsie. Upon the whole, considering the judicious arrangement, the adaptation of the Examples to the business...
Page 125 - Those rules in Mr Murray's Grammar which relate to the correction of each part of the Exercises in Orthography, Syntax, Punctuation and Rhetorical construction, have been introduced into this manual immediately preceding the Exercises to which they relate. The pupil being thus furnished with the principles by which he is to be governed in his corrections, may pursue his task with profit and pleasure. In this edition, more than forty 18mo.

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