A Key to the Normal Higher Arithmetic: For the Use of Teachers and Private Students

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Sower, Potts, 1878 - Arithmetic - 205 pages
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Page 10 - mental arithmetic is, in my opinion, truly a whetstone of wit. It is a mental grindstone; it sharpens the mind and gives it the power of concentration and penetration. To omit a thorough course of mental arithmetic in the common school is to deprive the pupil of one of the principal sources of mental power.
Page 15 - ... explanations as to the intentions and sentiments of the Whig leaders. I see that there are many dissentients from the course that is going to be adopted, many who think this attempt to oust the Government at once neither patriotic nor politic. Without any very decided opinion, or the means of forming one, I am rather inclined to think that it would be better to leave them alone, and to trust to their furnishing good cause for turning them out, as they probably will do. The Government does not...
Page 10 - ... and philosophy that the youthful learner can follow it with interest and pleasure; and one of the most influential agents in this work has been the system of mental arithmetic. The importance of this change can hardly be overestimated. The study of mental arithmetic, introduced by Warren Colburn, to whom teachers and pupils owe a debt of gratitude which can never be paid, affords the finest mental discipline of any study in the public schools. When properly taught, it gives quickness of perception,...
Page 290 - The art of Teaching, as well as all other arts, is making very rapid progress in this very progressive age. The remarkable growth of Normal Schools, organized to instruct in the best methods of teaching, and employing as professors the most able and advanced educators in the country, has given an immense impetus to the advancement of this most honorable and useful of professions, and almost revolutionized the whole art of teaching. These great changes create a necessity for text-books adapted to...
Page 266 - THE greatest common divisor of two or more fractions is the greatest number that will divide each of them, and give a whole number for the quotient.
Page 222 - The head of a fish is 7 inches long, the tail is as long as the head and |- of the body, and the body is as long as the head and tail ; what is the length of the fish ? 9. A piece of steel was broken into 3 pieces; the first piece was j- of the whole, the second weighed...
Page 225 - The first cup weighs 12 oz. If the first cup be covered, it will weigh twice as much as the second, but if the second cup be covered, it will weigh three times as much as the first. Required the weight of the cover and of the second cup.
Page 290 - PA. Teachers who prefer the use of diagrams will find this an admirable work, in which this popular method of analysis is made clear and simple as possible. It treats of the English Language as it is spoken and written to-day, while tracing its history from older periods. Lessons on Composition and Letter-writing are also given. Fewsmith's Elementary Grammar. Fewsmith's Grammar of Eng. Language. BY WM. FEWSMITH, AM, AND EDGAR A. SINGER.

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