A Key to the Revised Edition of The American Arithmetic to which are Added More Than Five Hundred Questions, Designed as Exercises for Pupils in Examinations and Reviews

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J.P. Jewett & Company, 1851 - Arithmetic - 72 pages
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Page 59 - Alloy is considered of no value. 4. On a certain day, the mercury in the thermometer was observed to stand 2 hours at 60...
Page 51 - What number is that from which if we deduct fy of itself, and | of the remainder, there will be 18 left ? 32. If A. can do J of a piece of work in 5 days, B. can do J of it in 4 days, and C. can do of it in 2 days, in what time will they all do | of it by working together 1 33.
Page 60 - I must take 56 pounds each, at 9 and 12 cents per pound, and 98 pounds at 18 cents per pound. 2. A goldsmith has gold of 14, 18, and 20 carats fine, and would mix of all these sorts so much as to make a mass of 50 ounces, which shall be 16 carats fine.
Page 51 - A hare starts 5 rods before a greyhound, and runs at the rate of 12 miles an hour. After running 48 seconds, the hound starts in pursuit, and runs 20 miles an hour. In what time will the hare be overtaken ? Ans. 1m.
Page 63 - To find two mean proportionals between two given numbers. Divide the greater number by the less, and extract the cube root of the quotient. Multiply the...
Page 62 - There is a cubical vessel, whose side is 12 inches, and it is required to find the side of another vessel that is to contain three times as much ? Ans.
Page 65 - How many changes may be rung on 12 bells, and what time .would it require, supposing 10 changes to be rung in 1 minute, and the year to consist of 365 days, 5 hours, and 49 minutes ? Ans.
Page 64 - If the first term be 10, the ratio 3, and the number of terms 7 : what is the sum of the series ? jQX 10=10930 Answer.
Page 64 - Or, 4X4=262144=last term as before. 2. If the last term be 262144, the ratio 4, and the number of terms 9, what is the first term ? 4^=65536)262144(4=the first term.
Page 64 - T^^, &c., descending by the ratio 100, or, which is the same, the repeating decimal '020202, &c. ? Ans. ^. 11. A gentleman, whose daughter was married on a new year's day, gave her a dollar, promising to triple it on the first day of each month in the year ; to how much did her portion amount? Here, before finding the amount of the series, we must find the last term, as directed in the rule after ex.

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