A letter [by B. Hoadly] to mr. Fleetwood, occasion'd by his late Essay on miracles

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Page 19 - by the People from true Miracles, as I think very probable, becaufe all the People of Samaria gave heed to Him, from the leaft to the greateft, faying., this Man is the great POWER of God,
Page 27 - greater evidence that he cannot come from God, than the doing of a Miracle can be that He does: to all; I mean, who think that a power lefs than God's may do fome of
Page 10 - fo many in the Creation:) and therefore, the doing this is evidently a Sign of more Force and Power, than the doing the other. Once .more, I cannot but think that, in a Conteft, it is a fign of greater Power to produce a Serpent that has more force and ftrength, than one that has
Page 9 - a Body from finking into the Water, as to make a Fly, or an Eagle? Which you name for Miracles. Or, how does it follow, that a Power that can change the Figure and Motion of inanimate Particles of Water, fo as that it fhall become Wine, or Blood, is alfo able to cure all
Page 6 - felf cannot help iometimes agreeing with me in this. You acknowledge a Man's walking upon the Water to be truly a Miracle, and a confiderable one, more than once. This muft be done, or, at leaft, it may be done, by means of fome Powerful Being, fupporting his Body fo that it
Page 13 - and ferve to affure me, that He does not impofe upon the World ; or take advantage of a lucky Event, or happy Opportunity; but really does the Works that He pretends to do. Therefore I muft give this Perfon the advantage over one, who does not give the World
Page 8 - greater than Others. And -idly, That many Miracles give an advantage to the Perfon who is the Inftrument of performing them, above him who works not fo many. After which, I may fafely conclude, that there can be no danger to Religion from God's permitting a wicked Spirit to
Page 7 - of a Spirit, and the fame Work, when done by the affiftance of God. But, to return, what I would have granted is, that a Spirit may have an inherent, natural Power of doing Works of the fame nature with thofe, your felf, as well as I, account Miraculous ; the fame Works, you acknowledge Miracles, when done by
Page 6 - which fuppofes a Knowledge in them of the Nature of Man, and that part of the Creation efpecially which Man is confind to. We are affur'd, that part of thefe Glorious Creatures had fuch an Opinion of their own Power and Knowledge, that they exalted themfelves againft God
Page 6 - fince their Fall. [Why I think the Reafons that incline you to think otherwife inefficient, you will fee by and by : At prefent I am only to reprefent this Scheme to you, and to fhew there is nothing in it to the prejudice of Religion.^ And for ought

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