A letter from monsieur de Cros: (who was an ambassador at the treaty of Nimeguen, and a resident in England, in K. Ch. the Second's reign.) Which may serve for an answer to the impostures of Sir Wm Temple, heretofore ambassador from England at the Hague, and at Nimeguen; till such time as a more ample and particular relation be made of the business in hand. Together with some remarks upon his Memoirs, to make appear how grosly he is mistaken in the greatest part of the most important matters he relates concerning what passed from the year 1672, until the year 1679

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1693 - 33 pages
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Page 10 - Icis very impudent and rude to fpeak fo of a Man, who is of a good Family, who has had the honour of being employed for almoft twenty years, and whom a great Prince and a King have not difdain'd toufeas Councellor of Stale.
Page 15 - was intirely devoted to him, thinking my felf tuoft happy that I was enabled to pay my moft humble Services to fuch a great monarch, whofe Subject I have the honour to be,without failing in my Loyalty and Allegiance...
Page 7 - I lhall not defcend -to the Particulars of his Behaviour, and fhall tell you no more of them at prefent, than what is needful to let your felf and every body elfe judge that I have means in my hand to be revenged for the Injury he hath done me.
Page 14 - General, which hath fince been printed ; where he fpeakswithfo much uncertainty Concerning .-the Voyage I was about to make' to Nimeguen, and about this Negotiation, that it was evident it was a very great Secret.
Page 13 - Court, and cannot have forgot that he came to render me a Vifit at my Lodgings, at fuch time. as he, by the King's Order, was to confer with me upon what account Monfieur Okvencrtmtz.
Page 10 - But if(this fort of Life is not now, as formerly it was, fo certain a Character of a good and honeft Man, do's Sir W. think he can...
Page 11 - I relate how, and after what manner 1 came out of it ; however, it was not foraPetticoat. 1 have remained feveral years without fo much as having any inclination to it ; and it! hath been apparent that I have had much a-do^and vfiS very much unrefolved as to this Choice.
Page 4 - Sir W. was apt to believe he could not find any one who was better able to hammer out his own Glor * ry than himfelf ; and he flattered himfelf with.

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