A Letter to Jacob Bryant, Esq: In Defence of Philosophical Necessity

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H. Baldwin, 1780 - Necessity (Philosophy) - 64 pages
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Page 52 - Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.
Page 39 - that the curious aflbrtment of ideas you have prefented us with had no connection, mediate, you muft mean, or immediate. But odd as you, who appear to know fo little of the human mind, may think it, I have no, doubt but they really had. Are you fure...
Page 37 - You tell me every thought is an effeci, and that it is connected with a prior idea, by which it was produced. I cannot fee any fuch uniform affinity or correfpondence, and to give a proof of my liberty and independence...
Page 40 - But this feems contrary to experience : foe though I am as precifely in the fame circumftances, as we can fuppofe any man to be ; and likewife in the fame difpofition of mind, yet, after an interval of a very few minutes, I am not able to go ovej the fourth part of this feries. And however cogent the neceffity may be* I can recoiled very little more than the mole and the moufe-trap.
Page 59 - Saviour himself, as far as appears : — But their habitual devotion naturally led them to refer all things to God, without reflecting on the rigorous meaning of their language ; and, very probably, had they been interrogated on the subject, they would have appeared not to be...
Page 51 - Lord's ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts than our thoughts...
Page 40 - I do not now recolledl the place, you would "8 " have hive found a pertinent obfervation to the prefent purpofe, and a proper example. Some gentlemen were talking of the Civil wars in England, when one of them fuddenly afked wha-t was the value of a Jewi/h fhekel.
Page 1 - ... when you took my treatife in hand, you formed a refolution not to be too hafty in your conclufions, but to read it over with that attention and care which every thing deferves that proceeds from a perfon fo juftly celebrated (you are pleafed to fay) as Dr.
Page 39 - ... difpofition of mind ; yet after an interval of a very few minutes, I am not able to go over a fourth part of this feries. And, however cogent the neceffity may be, lean recollect very little more than the mole, and the moufe-trap.
Page 38 - I was reftrained by any law of nature; or impelled by any foreign power. Nor can I at laft perceive that thefe defultory thoughts have the leaft connexion with one another : much lefs

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