A Manual of Chemical Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative, for the Use of Students, Part 1

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Reeve, 1864 - Chemistry, Analytic - 663 pages
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Page 225 - ... that a body plunged in a fluid loses as much of its weight as is equal to the weight of an equal volume of the fluid.
Page 577 - ... with it, sucking out the air from the bottle at intervals by means of a glass tube, so as to change the atmosphere in the bottle ; 100 measures of the water are then introduced into the stoppered phial, and treated with the soap test, the carbonic acid eliminated being sucked out from time to time from the upper part of the bottle. The hardness of the water is then inferred directly from the number of measures of soap solution employed, by reference to the subjoined table. In trials of waters...
Page 227 - ... once what is the weight of a quantity of water, equal in bulk to the solid matter in the sand ; and by comparing this with the weight of the sand, we have its true specific gravity.
Page 671 - Alga: of the Southern Ocean, being Figures and Descriptions of Marine Plants collected on the Shores of the Cape of Good Hope, the extratropical Australian Colonies, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Antarctic Regions. By Dr. HARVEY, FRS Imperial 8vo, 50 Coloured Plates, 2. 2*. A selection of Fifty Species of remarkable forms of Seaweed, not included in the ' Phycologia Australica,
Page 667 - HANDBOOK OF THE BRITISH FLORA ; a Description of the Flowering Plants and Ferns indigenous to, or naturalized in, the British Isles.
Page 677 - SMITH. — -Parks and Pleasure - Grounds : Or Practical Notes on Country Residences, Villas, Public Parks, and Gardens. By CHARLES HJ SMITH, Landscape Gardener and Garden Architect, etc., etc. I2mo. .... $2.00 SMITH. — The Dyer's Instructor: Comprising Practical Instructions in the Art of Dyeing Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Worsted, and Woolen Goods ; containing nearly 800 Receipts.
Page 671 - ILLUSTRATIONS OF BRITISH MYCOLOGY, comprising Figures and Descriptions of the Funguses of interest and novelty indigenous to Britain. By Mrs. TJ HUSSEY. Royal 4to ; First Series, 90 Coloured Plates, 7.
Page 519 - If the solution be diluted with water to which a few drops of sulphuric acid have been added, the...
Page 106 - Falconer also observed, that syrup of lemons boiled fifteen minutes in copper or brass pans did not acquire a sensible impregnation : but if it was allowed to cool, and remain in the pans for twenty-four hours, the impregnation was perceptible even to the taste, and was discovered by the test of metallic iron. This fact has been further confirmed by the researches of Proust, who states that, in preparing food or preserves in copper, it is not till the fluid ceases to cover the metal, and is reduced...
Page 671 - Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Samarang, Under the command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher, CB, FRAS, during the Years 1843-46. Edited by ARTHUR ADAMS, FLS The Vertebrata, with 8 plates, by John Edward Gray, FRS ; the Fishes, with 10 plates, by Sir John Richardson, FRS ; the Mollusca, with 24 plates, by Arthur Adams, FLS, and Lovell Reeve, FLS ; the Crustacea, with 13 plates, by Arthur Adams, FLS, and Adam White, FLS Royal 4to, price 3.

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