A Manual of Clinical Laboratory Methods

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Page 185 - ... degrees centigrade ; C = free carbon dioxid, the minus sign indicates that the water was alkaline, and the plus sign that it was acid to phenolphthalein ; N = neutral ; Cb = fixed carbon dioxid ; O = oxygen ; and N = nitrogen. The results for the gases are given in cubic centimeters per liter of water, at a temperature of 0 C. and a barometric pressure of 760 mm. The district in which the lake is located is indicated by K...
Page 58 - Cover-glass films may be fixed by immersion in a mixture of equal parts of absolute alcohol and ether for half an hour, followed by drying. After fixation by any of the foregoing methods the covers may be stained at leisure. Staining. — Properly prepared and fixe'd films are grasped in the cover-glass forceps used for staining bacteria.
Page 219 - The thumb is placed in the space between the twelfth dorsal and first lumbar, second and third, third and fourth, or fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae, according to the selection of site, at the mid-point between the two.
Page 129 - A sufficient amount of the bacteria adherent to the needle are washed off in the drop of water previously placed on the cover-glass and smeared over its surface. The bacteria on the glass are then allowed to dry in the air. The cover-glass is then passed quickly through the flame of a Bunsen burner or alcohol lamp, three times in the usual way, covered with a few drops of Loffler's solution of alkaline methylene-blue, and left without heating for ten minutes.
Page 62 - ... alcohol to which • 1 per cent of hydrochloric acid has been added, until...
Page 85 - For monobasic acids, monacid bases, or their salts, a normal solution is one in which the number of grams in the litre is equal to the molecular weight of the reagent...
Page 93 - ... add a drop or two of acetic acid ; a turbidity or precipitate in the cold, disappearing on heating and reappearing when again cooled, indicates the presence of albumose.
Page 130 - C. for a day or two the bacilli may increase in number so as to be more easily found.
Page 92 - If rennet is normal, the milk will be coagulated solid, or with the separation of a small amount of clear whey, in ten or fifteen minutes.
Page 63 - The motility of the bacilli is greater the lower the temperature at which they are grown; the cultures should be kept, therefore, at the lowest temperature at which a sufficiently profuse growth cau be obtained within the requisite time, that is, at room temperature rather than in the oven if the lower temperature gives sufficient growth.

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