A Manual of Dictation Problems and Reviews in Written Arithmetic

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Cowperthwait & Company, 1874 - Arithmetic - 103 pages
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Page 68 - If twelve men can dig a trench 15 yards long and 4 broad in 3 days of 12 hours each, in how many days of 9 hours each can 8 men dig a trench 20 yards long and 8 broad ? 22.
Page 113 - ... Berard's History of the United States. NEW EDITION. This book is a skillful condensation, not a mere compilation, — written in an attractive and pleasant style, which cannot fail to instruct and interest the learner. Its wide sale and increasing' popularity attest its merit. Retail Price, $1.20. Leach's Complete Spelling Book. Containing a systematic arrangement and classification of the difficulties in Orthography, arising from the irregular sounds of the letters. The Best Speller extant for...
Page 83 - Two men carrying a burden of 200 pounds, hung on a pole, the ends of which rest on their shoulders ; how much of this load is borne by each man, the weight hanging 6 inches from the middle, and the whole length of the pole being 4 feet ? Ans.
Page 43 - Jnl at a loss of 4 per cent.; by what increase per cent. must he raise that selling price, in order that by selling the rest at the increased rate, he may gain 4 per cent.
Page 113 - Teachers and School Officers must examine these New Books, if they wish to keep up with the times, and with the improved methods of instruction which now prevail in the best schools. Correspondence earnestly solicited, and information in regard to Teachers' names, proposed changes in Text-books, &c., gladly received.
Page 25 - How many pounds of tea, at ^ of a dollar a pound can you buy for 131 dollars? 23. How many gallons of molasses, at -f of a dollar per gallon can you buy for 235 dollars ? 24. At 8 pence a pound, how many pounds of sugar can yen buy for 103^ pence ? 26.
Page 62 - Required the area of the surface of a square pyramid, whose base is 2 feet 8 inches square, and whose slant height is 3 feet 9 inches. 2. What is the convex surface of a cone, whose slant height is 20 feet, and the circumference of whose base is 9 feet ? Ans. 90 feet.
Page 68 - A's $450, B's $247, and C's $121.50. 4. Jones and Smith rent a pasture for $275 ; Jones puts in 80 sheep and Smith 100, but at the end of 6 months they each dispose of half their stock, and allow Hall to put in 50 sheep, what should each pay toward the rent at the end of the year ? Ans. Jones $103.121, Smith $128.90f, and Hall $42.96f.
Page 43 - B's. Which is the quicker walker ? (172) An army lost 18 per cent, of its strength by disease and desertion, and then 14 per cent, of the remainder in battle; the number then remaining was 84,624. Of how many did it originally consist...

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